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Trying out this thing since LJ released another fuck-up of an update/redesign. The profile pages are a pain to look at now.

So, crossposting. Let's see if it works.
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Oh Hell, the new comment pages over on LJ are a pain to look at: that font is awful for long text entries, not to mention the new way of choosing icons is pretty idiotic. I turned on the custom comment pages for my journal there back again even though the long threads get sort of impossibly squished to the right. Well, at least there's the subject line again and the icons are sorted by keywords.

I'm seriously considering moving permanently over to DW. I'll probably post all of my past entries here - not that they're somehow especially thrilling, but for the sake of thoroughness if I decide to move for good. New entries will be posted here first, though. I might even start using the 'import' feature. With more changes on the way and general complete re-desing of LJ I don't see any other option.

Anyway, moving onto another subject - Christmas. Yes, it's that time again. And I haven't heard Wham! this year yet, but maybe I just don't listen to radio stations that are mainstream enough. And as a child of the 80's, it is my firm opinion that it's not Christmas yet if I haven't heard "Last Christmas".

Wham!, you're single-handedly responsible for messing with the heads of an entire generation.


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