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So, there are several ways to continue. There are rumours about a possible Downton Abbey film where Thomas could get his happy ending. If Julian Fellowes actually realised gay men lived in relationships (with other gay men - just a clarification) before 1967, it could be done via storyline Agatha Christie would be - if not proud of - then at least somewhat favourable towards. Let me tell you my conspiracy theory.

Do you remember lady Edith marrying? Good. So, the chap she's married is Bertie Pelham, Marquess of Hexham. But before he got the title, his cousin Peter was the Marquess of Hexham. Now, Bertie spends really an inordinate amount of time talking about this cousin of his. That he's an "arty type rather than sporty, if you know what I mean", that he often travels to Tangiers to paint "boys, scenes of local life" and "young fishermen", that he likes poetry and he's generally a gentle soul.

And then, much later on when he's about to marry Edith, Bertie's mother all but says that Peter's conduct was questionable/immoral.

Yes, Mr Fellowes, we get it: cousin Peter is gay. But why shove this fact at the audience with such determination, hmm?

Bertie inherits the title because Peter dies in Tangiers. Of malaria and just as he was all set to marry some girl. Interesting, eh? Of course he had to marry: to ensure there was an heir to the title, perhaps because his family was really pushing. But when Bertie gets to Tangiers, he later tells Edith that Peter had already been buried. So he (and we as an audience) never actually saw Peter's body.

My totally brilliand and very plausible theory is that Peter faked his death to have the family/marriage etc. off his back. He just couldn't hand down the title to Bertie but with his death, Bertie gets the title and will marry and will preserve the line and all those things a marquess should do.
And honestly, I wouldn't put that much stock in this theory (even if it is brilliant) if cousin Peter wasn't so much talked about. If he was just mentioned is passing - fine, but Bertie talks endlessly about him and that makes me suspicous of Mr Fellowes's intentions.

And another - purely fanfic - method of fixing things is to go the Jeeves/Wooster route and have Master George, all grown-up of course, become Thomas's lover. I know, the solution is brilliant in its simplicity, isnt it? :D
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OK, I thought I might post it to my own journal as well, even if only for the purpose of keeping fic ideas/prompts somewhere I could find them quickly.

So, I have finally finished reading Tony Fletcher's book and it only took me, what, eight months? I could say it was because I wanted to wrap myself in the atmosphere, immerse myself in time past and enjoy tasting every word, but in reality I never had enough time, so the process was slow.

Well, all right, there was some tasting and wrapping as well (to the point that when one afternoon I heard Wham on the radio, I wondered when they were gonna tour their new album. Who needs drugs to alter their perception of reality when you've got books?).

As for A Light..., it really is great and I heartily recommend it to anyone wanting to familiarise themselves with The Smiths history - not only fans but even people who don't know the band. It's a very good read: the book is well-written, the author is actually objective and he doesn't force his own opinions on the reader. And what's even better, the book is actually about The Smiths as a group, and not only about Morrissey and Marr which was one of the major problems (at least for me) with Severed Alliance by Johnny Rogan. Even though I liked that book too, this one is better. Actually, it is probably the book to read if you want to learn something about the group.

And of course, since I am a fanfic writer, or at least I try to be, and since not many things are better inspiration than the truth, here's a list of quotes/situations I thought were especially promising (yes, I actually bookmarked the pages as I was reading).

Feel free to skip this part. No, actually, please do skip it )


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