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U guiz, COB have released a new single. Check it out (and give it more than one listening to. It really grows on you).

And look at the pretty artwork.

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Philosophical question for starters: why do so many of the actors I like star so many awful films?

I mean there was Dominic Keating, but I drew a line at Ninong. I still kinda want to watch Sherlock Holmes vs. Dinosaurs, though.

Then Nick Lea and I did suffer through cardboard-rubber monsters and slightly unconvincing thrillers. His filmography isn't even that filled with horrible-ness, but most of it (the better part, really) is impossible to find.

And now we have Sam Stockman whose acting career seems to contain roles in far too many ridiculously-hard-to-get-your-hands-on TV serials on one side and shite horror films on the other.

At least my favourite actresses fare better, though with Tilda Swinton I'm still preparing myself mentally for Derek Jarman's brand of artistic/symbolistic gay erotica. God, the things we do for the people we like.

Anyway, since I did embark on this stoopid quest, have some screeencaps. And commentary. And maybe a bit of a laugh. This time: The Task - a film from 2011, which is about "A group of unlucky reality show contestants who must survive the night in a haunted jail" (and I nearly burst into laughter after reading this synopsis. I am a horrible human being).

The esteemed Mr Stockman plays the character of Scelzi, a junkie cameraman who fortunately drops dead after about 40 minutes, so you don't have to suffer through all of it. Fun fact: he's killed via a spike through the eye but you can tell without any difficulty the "killer" aims beside his head and the spray of blood looks like something from a garden hose - though thankfully not that big. A sort of a miniature garden hose - and that should tell you all you need to know about the quality of the film.

screencaps ahead )


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