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Podebrane od [ profile] andrea_deer bo to jednak jest ubaw po pachy :D Trochę zmodyfikowane: piosenek jest tylko 10, a teksty sam tłumaczyłem bo na 'tekstowo' to bym se szukał do śmierci. A jak już coś było, to stwierdziłem, że beznadziejnie przetłumaczone.

Zasady oryginału:

1. Wybierz 15 piosenek nie po polsku. (Może nie być losowo.)
2. Na stronie tekstowo znajdź tłumaczenia tekstów i wklej kilka pierwszych, przetłumaczonych wersów. (Dla ułatwienia możesz dodać jaki był język oryginału.)
3. Flista niech zgaduje, co to za piosenki.
4. Wykreśl, co zgadnięte i dodaj do postu prawidłowe odpowiedzi.
5. Googlanie jest dla słabych. (A używanie zwrotne translatora dla niepoczytalnych.)

Ale uwaga, jest bonus. Ponieważ jestem obrzydliwym hipsterem (a.k.a. "na pewno nie znasz bendów, któych słucham"), ten kto odgadnie coś, dostanie fan fika. Nie jakieś tam powieści, ale coś między 200 a 500 słowami będzie.

Fandomy, do których mogę coś natworzyć są w tagach. Skłonny jestem również naklepać coś do polskiego RPF, muzycznego (nie-polskiego) RPF oraz tudzież ewentualnie Harry'ego Pottera (nie twierdzę, że będzie to dobre, ani 'in character' ale mogę spróbować).

Tzw. liryka - poniżej. Wszystkie teksty tłumaczone z angielskiego )
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Was tagged by [ profile] andrea_deer

Rule 1: Always post the rules.
Rule 2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked with gifs, and write 11 new ones or don’t, whatever.
Rule 3: Tag 11 people and link them to the post.
Rule 4: Actually tell them you tagged them.

Let's ignore rules 3 and 4 completely and let the fun commence *evil grin*.

here be GIFs )

Well, that was surprisingly fun. I tag everyone who wants to do this meme and as for the questions - feel free to post your own.
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Found a decent "get to know you" meme. It's short so there's actually a chance I'll finish it in a reasonable amount of time when I finally get around to it. Not that anybody would be interested, but posting it here for future reference and days I'll have nothing better to do.

1. Name
2. Date of birth
3. Occupation
4. Where do you live?
5. Any questions?

And the answers are gifs/vids etc. referencing pop-culture.
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Happy Easter, everyone.

Haven't written anything for a long time, but hey, since I've got a couple of days off for the holidays, I thought I might - real life insists on being unfairly busy.

I think I've found a new fandom, though. Downton Abbey is so charmingly old-fashioned I just couldn't resist. Plus, I've recently (but before finding Downton Abbey) come back to Jeeves & Wooster stories and fandom and it all coincides rather beautifully. So I'm currently hoarding heaps of otherwise useless information on the hierarchy of domestic staff in the beginning of the 20th century and considering buying The Butler's Guide: To Running the Home and Other Graces. You never know when this might come in handy. Also, always another career path to consider (apart from assassin, to which my personality type is apparently predisposed) in case of some unforeseen changes. Back-up plans are important, or so I've heard.

And in the meantime, have some dramatic Carson.

top text: Maid in the dining room? Middle: Picture of Carson with his hands raised dramatically. Bottom text: Societal collapse imminent

P.S. Ahoy, rodacy: czy ktuś z was ogląda "Downton Abbey"? Leci w poniedziałki na TVP1. Fangirling/fanboying anyone?
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Trying out this thing since LJ released another fuck-up of an update/redesign. The profile pages are a pain to look at now.

So, crossposting. Let's see if it works.
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Finally got time to listen to Andy's latest programme (I love the guy, but I'm not willing to get up at 8 AM - which is what 2 PM ET is over here - just to listen to him). And had a good laugh hearing him talk about "Yes, I am Blind" he co-wrote with Morrissey.

"I'm assuming the check's in the post" indeed :D

I nearly left a comment on that but got my sense of reality back just in time. It's dangerous when you've been treating someone like a fictional character for so long and suddenly there is the possibility they may read the result of that.

I do wonder, though, if "You Never Give Me Your Money" by The Beatles was some sort of commentary on that check.
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the changing rooms cast

So, when I was on the bus today (7 AM, just finished night shift at work - still an interesting experience, working at night), I let my mind wander a bit (I wasn't sleeping). And I remembered, out of the blue really, there was a programme I used to watch ages ago - something about re-making houses and there was this guy with long hair and a fancy name and this girl I really liked and Andy the Carpenter. And then I did some research and it turns out it was Changing Rooms, the guy was Laurence and the girl was one of the designers - Anna, but there was also Linda and Carol - and Andy was nicknamed Handy Andy :D

And I sort of want to read fanfic to that. And there's absolutely nothing on the 'net. Help? Has anybody seen anything? AO3, LJ, DW and general Google search bring nothing (and doesn't allow RPF) and I don't want it to end the usual way. Namely me writing a fanfic for myself *sigh*.

Anyway, under the cut - some filmographic material, a.k.a. "Trust me, I'm a designer" (LOL).

Read more... )
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In other news, Ken Russell is dead. One of the more crazy filmmakers - camp, shock and historical inaccuracies abound. Gonna miss him even though I only saw one or two films by him a long time ago. "Tommy" was like a trip on acid and I faintly remember that my reaction to the second one (can't remember what it was exactly: "Music Lovers"? "Women in Love"? although it might have also been "Altered States". Hmm...) was along the lines of WTF? O_o

Still, one of those directors with instantly recognisable style and a wonderful ability to surprise a viewer. Maybe it's time to re-watch some of his works (and again wonder WTF?).

Also, I've just been looking through his filmography on IMDb and lo and behold, Russell also made "Shelagh Delaney's Salford" for TV in 1960. Heh, talk about coincidences.
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Found on Tumblr again :D The post had so many notes I couldn't find who originally posted it, but I've taken it from Ace.
What I picture when people say “I don’t swing that way”:

So, the heterosexuals are on the swingset, swinging back and forth like most people do.

And then there are the homosexuals swinging, like, side to side or something.

The bisexuals are sort of alternating between the two, and the pansexuals are just twisting their swing up in a knot and crashing into everyone like “fuck the police i do what i want”

And then the asexuals are just chilling out in the sandbox all alone, like: HEY GUISE, LOOK AT THE CASTLE I MADE GUISE, LOOK GUISE IT HAS A MOAT. GUISE. LOOK.

Yes, the moats are essential.
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Hm, I don't know if anyone else noticed it, but since the time LJ started experiencing difficulties, shall we say, more people turn to look for fanfic elsewhere. I've just popped over to FF.Net and statistics are almost going through the roof. Which in my case means about 50 visitors a day - I'm still all 0_0


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