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Thought I'll write something. I'm not quite dead yet, after all.

I've been reading Morrissey's Autobiography instead. Mixed feelings about this one. I'm only 1/3 into the book, but I've had a peek at the later pages and let's just say Mozzer's psyche doesn't look completely healthy. Everyone is out to get his money. Money that should be his and his alone (and no managers because they all just want Mozzer's money too. Managers are probably the source of all evil and out to get not only artist's money but his blood as well). Really sad to read especially because this paranoia cost The Smiths so dearly.

It is a bit better when Morrissey talks about his childhood or early years. His primary goal is still a good turn of phrase rather than the truth (though, in those early years/pages he probably stays closer to the truth than in the later ones), but when he isn't in the middle of his personal vendetta, it's a really great read.

Interestingly enough, we do seem to agree on The Smiths debut album - it should've and could've been so much more. Or in Morrissey's own words: "the album ought to have been a dangerous blow from the buckle-end of a belt, but instead it is a peck on the cheek." Well, I don't mind a peck on the cheek so much, but I do agree with Mozzer, particularly on What Difference Does It Make?: "the loose swain's saunter now sounded stiff and inflexible, the drums sounding too frightened to move, the voice sounding like something gone to its reward - or, at least, resting in peace."


As usual, though, the book is fantastic as a fic-fodder. The scene when The Smiths went to New York and Mozzer discovered cockroaches in his room and before he finally went out alone he knocked on the other Smiths doors seems particularly promising. In reality none of the other three were in, but a nice AU could change that a bit *evil smile*.

And, a personal favourite - I like how Moz praises Andy's playing: he says he loved his cello on Shakespeare's Sister and in another place describes Andy's bass as "pealing swagger". I have never heard it described more accurately or more sensually, in fact. I think a new favourite tag has just been born.

All in all, it is a good read, but if someone looks for a factual account of The Smiths days / Moz solo career, they'd better read something else.


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