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Late, but have some celebratory Nick-Lea's-birthday vid:

There's this one scene in the X-Files where Krycek is chained out on Skinner's balcony and the face Nick/Krycek makes here (and also the lighting - it seems to bounce off his face, make it unrealistically smooth) always makes me think he'll transform into, I dunno... something. Possibly beastly, like a panther or something. It's the teeth, you see.
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Found it by accident on Vimeo. I've got no idea what this is, but it's pretty funny at some points "Yes, I have a Barbara Bush bush and I got it just so I could say Barbara Bush bush" :D

Vimeo doesn't allow embedding this one, but here's the link:

Nicholas Lea/ A MANN'S WORLD/ Self Tape from GAA on Vimeo
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Supernatural - "Time After Time" (S7E12)

I don't really watch SPN. I've seen one or two episodes and they were pretty OK, but I prefer my X-Files plots and my Buffy plots separate.

Anyway, this episode's brief synopsis (from IMDb): Sam and Dean tangle with the God of Time, who sends Dean back to 1944, where he is immediately arrested by none other than the one and only Eliot Ness.

And Eliot Ness is played by none other than Nick Lea. Which is kinda funny and awesome ("And how does that fill you with awe?") and very convenient for all sorts of crossovers. And even fics where Ness (Arntzen? Krycek's grandpa?) is a vampire - as one piece of dialogue so obligingly suggests, it could be canon.

The episode was fun to watch, and even though it won't make me a regular SPN viewer, at least it didn't feel like a waste of time.

gif01: Eliot Ness saying: Let's kill that bastard because that... gif02: Dean putting on a hat and saying: the Chicago way

gif03: Ezra looking kinda WTF and saying: Chicago way? gif04: Ness is squinting and also looking kinda WTF. He asks: Who talks like that?

gif05: Dean: Sean Connery gif06: Ness makes a Jesus-F-Christ face and walks out of the frame

gif07: Dean firms his lips in a sort of man-I-blew-it expression and moves to... gif08: ...Ezra to help him put on a coat. He says under his breath: I'm never watching that movie again
gifs by obsessiveellinor
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Because I finally had some free time and earlier had done some digging on the 'net. Downloaded one episode of SPN, one of Highlander and one of Once Upon a Time and finally watched the last one.

Once Upon a Time - "True North" (S1E09)

The premise of the series is that everyone in Storybrooke (the town where the whole story takes place) is a fairytale character under a curse. I thought it slightly iffy at the beginning and after watching one episode, I see the doubt was wholly justified. Sort of 'meh' plot that could appeal to 12 year-olds (well, maybe that's the intended target audience - what do I really know, eh?) and this episode's story was probably supposed to be all moving and causing tears to flow like water, but it was kinda LOL instead.

Anyway, the synopsis is here if someone is curious. I don't know why anyone would be curios, because, really, the ep's only saving grace was Nick. And Robert Carlyle. It was quite a surprise seeing him there, but it was a really nice surprise. Out of all the main and recurring characters, his was probably the only one with some depth.

So yeah, there really is no point in pretending I watched this episode for anything other than Nick, but I missed seeing the guy on the telly. Also, he's a lumberjack here.

Nick Lea as Michael Tillman in once Upon a Time episode - a protrait of the woodcutter with an axe, standing under a tree. He's smiling and looking like a cheeky chimpunk

Yes, Monty Python sorta comes to mind *trololol*.

And he's still got the longest eyelashes ever seen on a human being (TM). Appropriate graph below:

still from the episide - profile of Nick's face

Next is Highlander - "Money No Object" (S5E07)

This one actually is a hoot. I used to watch the series when it was on TV here a long time ago, but didn't remember this one. Nick's character is a lighthearted thief - a sort of Robin Hood through the ages. Good episode if someone wants some laughs. And watching a parody of 30's gangstery, namely bank robbery, is strangely endearing.

black and white screencap from Money No object episode - Cory Raines and Amanda in their Bonnie and Clyde phase

Oh, and I dig Cory's pocket watch.
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Found it on YouTube by accident and promptly burst into laughter. The film is pretty funny to begin with, but the thing that had me nearly in tears was Nick Lea playing the robber. Inept, tripping over his own feet, having anger control problems, curly-haired, "I shoot people in the faces" robber. Complete with polyester trousers, dubious leather jacket and even more dubious sunglasses.

The film was made in 2001 and, as a user's review on IMDb says: "it's the story of a man who's inherited a hundred grand from an uncle who had only one wish, that his nephew not waste his life like he did. But the problem is that since he has received the money, he hasn't been compelled to do anything." The person who uploaded the film to YouTube, unfortunately edited it, so some of the funniest scenes are actually cut, but it's worth watching anyway.

I took a few screencaps for future LOLs. You know, Christmas is coming so I'll need all the LOLs I can get.


and the rest )

In other news, I'm working on another demented X-Files fanmix and after watching A Shot in the Face I got an even more demented idea for cover art. Now I only need to find some decent Twin Peaks screencaps *cackles*.
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promo pic of Once a Thief protagonists

A couple of weeks ago I discovered an intersting thing. Namely that one of our TV stations shows Once a Thief (leci jako "Był sobie złodziej" na Tele5 jakby ktoś miał ochotę sprawdzić). Since I somehow ended up watching anything with Nicholas Lea in it - not sure how it happened, some films/TV shows just appear out of thin air sometimes - I've been watching OaT too.

The show is, in a word, bizarre. Sometimes it looks like manga or anime: the poetics of an old kung-fu films, which don't exactly mesh with western settings and basic plot. It creates a curious dissonance, but apart from that, the show is pretty OK and often quite funny.

Some info about the series: the show is based on a John Woo film Once a Thief, though the creators of the series are Glenn Davis and William Laurin.
The main cast includes: Sandrine Holt (as Li Ann Tsei), Ivan Sergei (as Mac Ramsey) and Nicholas Lea (as Victor Mansfield).
Plot summary (copied off IMDb because I'm lazy): the story follows Mac Ramsey and Li Ann Tsei, lovers and professional thieves who are separated while fleeing the powerful Hong Kong underworld crime lord who raised and trained them. After being imprisoned in Hong Kong, Mac is forcefully recruited into a clandestine international crime-fighting unit by a hard-nosed, menacing director. He is teamed in Vancouver with Li Ann, who thought Mac was dead, and her new fiancé Victor Mansfield, an ex-cop who is attracted to the unorthodox methods of the agency.

My favourite characters are actually the secondary ones: two assassins, called The Cleaners, Mr Murphy and Mr Camier. Both erudites, with British accents and impeccable manners (and one of them has a gun in his umbrella which he carries everywhere, how cool is that? :)). And also Nathan, the paranoid librarian. Seriously, he puts the Lone Gunmen to shame.

But the best thing was really yesterday's episode. The Director Files was a spoof of The X-Files, featuring Special Agent Diller as "Mulder" and Special Agent Clansey as his red-haired sceptical partner. There was previously one in-joke in the series involving The X-Files when Li Ann during her talk with Vic about one case involving maybe-vampires, said "What's that supposed to be? An X-file?" but this one is obviously more elaborate. The ending was especially funny: there's this big warehouse where Li Ann, Vic, Mac, The Cleaners and Jackie are a bit under the pressure from the bad guys. Suddenly there barges in our FBI duo yelling "Freeze, FBI", Vic and Mac take the opportunity to grab and beat up the bad guys (which earns them a raised eyebrow from "Scully"), Diller says something vaguely nasty, Vic sneers something like "Nice shot, Spooky" and Diller says "Don't call me 'Spooky', Ratboy." ♥ *iz ded* :D

So, if you ever stumble across the show, watch it. Good for a laugh or two.


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