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Returning from the dead because I've found a new, sort of, fandom. Tying nicely with my not-so-recent interest in learning Japanese (2nd year course and I can confidently state I can say a bit more than "My cow is red" now. But only a bit.). And I said "fandom", but in reality I'm just obsessing over one voice actor. But there sort of seems to be a seiyuu fandom, so well... let's go with that for now.

OK, starting at the beginning. Last year by total accident I stumbled on Yuri!!! on ICE. I actually saw the fan merchandise (pins to be exact) with the title and I remembered I thought 'Why is it named yuri when it looks like yaoi?' LOL, famous last words.

Anyway, long story short, I liked the show but I'm not going to describe/review etc. it because you can find those things all over the net now. I do recommend it though - funny, interesting plot and great characters. And music. Music was good. The opening I liked right from the start, but the ending sneakily grew on me, since I'm not really into that music genre. And I sort of found it really funny that the guy singing the ending was also the voice actor for one of the characters. DIY, that's what I always say.

Also at about the same time I finally caved and bought the first volume of Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai manga. It was published in Polish by one of our manga publishers a couple of years ago, but I always had my doubts about the title. I mean, lewd masochistic Yakuza boss... *makes sort of WTF face*. Plus the cover art of that first volume did not inspire confidence in the title either.

But well, I did like other books by the same mangaka: Yoneda Kou. So I thought, eh, maybe it's not that bad... One volume will not ruin my finances and the worst case scenario is I will never read it again.

So I bought it. And whoa, I did not expect to actually like it that much. Because even if the blurb at the back and general plot descriptions seemed iffy, the plot was really good, the characters sufficiently nuanced to hold attention and the drawings nothing to sneer at either. Yes, we do have that masochistic Yakuza boss there (Yashiro), but he's actually not a drooping infuriating uke, but quite a commanding presence. And then there's his big oaf of a bodyguard (Doumekiiii) and his subordinates/lackeys (Nanahara and Sugimoto mostly) and his bosses (Mizumi-san is scary af in the right light. And Hirata-san is just plain bastard). Oh, and there's also sex, so you know, if you wanted to give it a go, be prepared for it. And yes, it is yaoi.

Anyway, I got the remaining two volumes and got through them in two days. One of the best stories I've ever read.
And in the course of looking through internets for all things Saezuru Tori related I also saw there was someting like a drama CD made for the manga. Cool, I thought. Maybe will check it some day.

And then I heard in some youtube video a new word: "fudanshi". What the hell is that? Uncle Google helped and lo and behold, not only did I find the definition of the word, but I also found Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu anime.

And let me tell you, it's not every day that you see something so relatable (LOL, but yes). I'm much much less obsessed than Gucchi but the general set up is there, complete with a 'normal' friend to whom I sometimes babble about fandoms/pairings and the likes and he bears it stoically and doesn't roll his eyes too much. And sometimes even gets into those fandoms himself (Whitechapel was a big hit heheheh).

Only, we're not actually in high school anymore. We did meet in high school, though. I sometimes wonder if Sakaguchi and Nakamura will end up similarly: Nakamura married, but still friends with Gucchi, who still babbles to him about fandoms and yaoi manga :D

So yes, all 12 episodes of Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu were watched in one go (well, each is only 3-4 minutes long), and upon hearing opening and ending I was like YES, THIS MUSIC, GIMME MORE. WHOSE IS THAT AMAZING VOICE?

Apparently it was the voice of the main character in the anime (Sakaguchi) and the actor voicing him is - now pay attention - Hatano Wataru.

The guy who sang the ending for Yuri!!! on ICE.

The guy who I read voiced Doumeki on Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai drama CD.

Coincidence? Or is it? :D

So now I'm kinda obsessing over Hatano-san's work. And I'm sort of going through all (or at least as many as I am able to get my hands on) the drama CDs and singles/albums he released. This is certainly an... interesting experience. Because he's very er... prolific in the BL (boys love) drama CDs department.

To be honest, though, I haven't laughed that much since seeing Macierewicz/Misiewicz memes. Or possibly writing Kaczyński/Tusk slash (sorry, this joke is only understandable to Polish poeple). Because, really, hearing your favourite seiyuu moaning, panting and making sucking, slurping and kissing noises is certainly a novel experience. One that makes me totally appreciate Japanese approach to entertainment. I had no idea such a huge market existed - I mean BL really: manga, drama CDs, games (I'm still not sure what those otome games are, hmmm). We here - up West, let's say - are like those cats in the desert: we have no hope of comprehending this litter box.

Also, Hatano-san's dedication to his work is a thing of beauty *chokes on laughter*. All the seiyuu really - damn, those things require some serous skill. I'm even inclined to think voice actors are better than actors who work with their body (for lack of better definition). I mean, it's obviously a completely different thng, but I'm possibly slightly in favour of seiyuu. I mean, listen to this and remember the backing vocals are done by Hatano-san as well. BTW, it's a song, so completely work-safe, if anyone had any doubts.

So yeah, currently I die of laughter a bit each day, but it will be a very nice way to go. Also, all laughter aside, listening to those CDs is a great way to familiarise oneself with how Japanese speak and it's actually a great help in learning Japanese. We're not exposed to this language the way we are to English - practically since birth - so having this opportunity to listen to the cadence, accent (though I still cannot hear that), vocabulary etc. is honestly helpful.

And next time: Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu and why Michinoku Atami is a goddess.
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So yeah, I'm several years late to the party, but look what I've found: a Snarry song :D

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U guiz, COB have released a new single. Check it out (and give it more than one listening to. It really grows on you).

And look at the pretty artwork.

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Well, what a singularly unmoving experience listening to that album was. It was definitely better back in The Smiths days when Morrissey kept to 10-track album format. Ten songs would be just enough here, twelve tips listening to WPINOYB (as the fans have already nick-named it) over the edge of this side of interesting to the other side of weary boredom.

Bad metaphors aside, though, there are two or three songs that are not entirely forgettable. "Istanbul" and "I Am Not a Man" come to mind first, but musically the album offers nothing new, nothing breathtaking. Let's face it, if it wasn't for Morrissey's name on the cover, the album would be forgettable.

Lyrically, it's no masterpiece either. I do worry (but only a little bit) that Morrissey has no idea what taxes are for. No NHS glasses for him (oh how quickly they forget).

And for the life of me, I can't understand what is the point in writing a song like "Staircase at the University" when all of this has been said before more eloquently and less heartlessly too. Well, at least it's catchy. Good luck with getting it on the daytime radio.
Funny thing about this song, though, it does remind one of The Smiths days or at least the better Morrissey-solo years. But back then the lyrics would have been better too.

"Kick the Bride Down the Aisle" makes even less sense. Moreover, it's not even musically strong enough to justify its existence in Mozzer's catalogue at all. I guess with such composers as Boz Boorer and co. some standards had to go. Pity that, really.

But wait. Wait a second. "Oboe Concerto" – does the bass (or everything else in that song) remind you of anything? It bloody well should because the bass is lifted almost directly from live intro to "Unloveable" and the whole song is a not-so-distant cousin of "Death of a Disco Dancer". I would almost call it a rip-off if I were feeling less charitable. Even the uncoordinated drum solo towards the end is the answer to Mozzer's piano tinkling back then. Jesus, for a bloke constantly saying that The Smiths are dead and well and truly buried under piles of resentment and corpses of NME journalists, Morrissey sure clings to that band. Oops sorry, group.

Anyway, apart from that brief spot of excitement, the songs are dreadfully sleep-inducing. I've never made it a secret that I don't like Morrissey's solo work and the further into his solo career the worse it was, so WPINOYB didn't disappoint me in the slightest. It's not entirely horrible, but it's not all that good. It's mediocre, lukewarm and not at all what a Morrissey album should be. Maybe he really should retire from music and start his career as a writer. Judging by his Autobiography he's at least good at it.

P.S. I have not listened to Johnny Marr's new solo work yet, but I'm sure it will be as unimaginative in the lyrics department and where-have-I-heard-this-before when it comes to music as The Messenger. I'm going back to Kajagoogoo.
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To anyone who might wander past and who happens to live in London and who is a musician (or DJ or just a 'noise maker'):

Colour Of Bone are looking for the third member to complete their live line up.

Colour Of Bone are currently seeking a Keys/Midi/DJ/Noise Maker to complete the line up for live shows. This new third and final member can be all or just one of those things. It's up to you.
All songs are complete and recorded and ready to gig.
Colour Of Bone play Alt-Rock with an Electronic edge and Pop sensibilities.
Listen to songs and watch videos by googling 'Colour Of Bone' and visit the official website....... If you're interested, please get in touch.

Here's the link to their add on Gumtree. I'm begging you, if you've got a musical bone in your body and live nearby, go and apply.

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So, the new Morrissey album has just been released and the other day I went to a music shop to see if they've already got it and think about maybe buying it. I did buy it in the end - I guess I just like to torture myself. The bloke sure left his philosophy of "we don't have to be violent or ugly, we can just be charming" or "it takes guts to be gentle and kind" a mile behind.
And then there's still the matter of court case and other things and I just want to punch him in the face most of the times.

And his bassists and drummers nowadays make my ears bleed with their utter mediocrity.

Anyway, yeah, I think I need to prepare myself mentally for this album first.

On a more positive note, during that trip I also bought Kajagoogoo's box set: two Kajagoogoo albums, one Kaja album and two Limahl solo albums. And that particular bout of insanity can be ascribed entirely to Whitechapel. Because there is Kent and his stupid tie with his stupid band pins (evidence below). I nearly pissed myself laughing when I saw one of the badges is a Kajagoogoo one and then I got thinking that it must have been the music of Kent's early childhood so maybe he's feeling nostalgic for that and he probably watched Never Ending Story when he was a kid and if he liked/listened to Kajagoogoo when he was little, he probably listened to Eurythmics and is so indoctrinated by Wham!'s Last Christmas he thinks it's not a proper Christmas until he hears it.

Greetings, my dwelling-in-the-same-childhood-music-landscape friend :D

Also, the above story shows once again why I shouldn't be allowed into music shops when I've got spare money on me.

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Guys, I'm participating in "Summer Sound Mix Challenge" over at 8tracks. Please consider lending a friendly ear to my mix and giving it a like if you like it.

Thank you.

P.S. I can assure you I have an impeccable taste in music. You're bound to like it, honest.

Summer Trip from ad00absurdum on 8tracks Radio.

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So, my favourite band of recent weeks have released a new single today. Here, have a listen:

Nice, eh? What's interesting is that this is an obvious re-visitation of a song that was previously recorded with the vocalist's old band The Circus Electric. I love hearing how it's changed since then: Sam seems to favour odd word associations over sense nowadays, but I quite like that. Though I rather miss the bass line from the old one. It was more bouncy , not so tied to the vocal line and actually reminded me of Rourke a bit.

But there's this hilarious bit in the middle of this new version: at 01:37 the only image I see is a completely sloshed Kent singing at yet another of Mansell's wedding (or divorce) parties. Possibly with Morgan Lamb or DI Norroy in mind. I'm sorry, I'm a horrible human being, I know :D

Anyway, here's the old version, well worth listening to as well:

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I sort of by accident found a really good band. By accident because I went in search of all things Whitechapel now that I've watched all the series. And lo and behold, Sam Stockman, who played DC Emerson Kent, is a musician as well and he's got a band and the band is named Colour Of Bone and is actually pretty good.

Here, have a sample:

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So, because I got a little bit nostalgic on New Year's Eve when they played 80's music on TV, I decided to dig up a bit. And because I'm the sort of music snob that makes others suffer through my findings, here, have some as well.

First Izabela Trojanowska - I don't remember her because this was my very early childhood, so I've never really seen her and only heard, like, two songs and that's it. But, guys, she was awesome. She had the make-up of a punk rocker and the wardrobe of a Victorian dandy. I think I've just fallen in love.

The quality of the video is a bit crap, but this was the 80's live TV.

Oh oh, have another.
Would you believe the band behind Iza is called Steel Baggage? Yes, 80's at it best. Also, yes, this song is about bricks and handing over thereof.

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...czego to ludzie nie wymyślą, a "gwiazdy" muzyki wszelakiej w szczególności. Otóż czytając dzisiejszą (no OK, wczorajszą - ze środy) Gazetę Wyborczą natrafiłem na artykuł o Polo TV oraz wypowiedź niejakiej pani Etny, prezenterki tej stacji tudzież popularnej (podobno) piosenarki disco polo. Wypowiedź poniżej:

- Jak jest Etna, to jest wulkan, wybuch lawy - mówi o sobie "królowa" disco polo. To jedna z gwiazd muzycznej stacji Polo TV. Dziś najbardziej popularnego kanału muzycznego w Polsce
Etna to pseudonim piosenkarki i prezenterki tej muzycznej stacji. - Mój występ to pokaz prawdziwej "wulkanizacji" - zapewnia ubrana w czarno-białą panterkę upodabniający ją do "kociaka".

Wulkanizacja pewnie jest po prostu wybuchowa. Sorry, sorry ale nie mogłem się powstrzymać bo dawno już mnie nic tak nie ubawiło *dalej rechocze*.

Jak kogoś interesuje reszta artykułu, to całość jest tutaj.

Z rzeczy ciekawszych, to w rzeczonej stacji ma też swój program Marek Sierocki, ale pan Marek trzyma poziom i puszcza tylko zagraniczną muzykę disco z lat 80-tych. Na to to nawet raz chyba trafiłem i momentalnie mię dopadła nostalgia za muzyką wczesnego dzieciństwa i całym badziewiem, jakie wtedy w radiu leciało. Sabrina, Visage, jakiś dziwny gościu chyba Francuz z uszminkowanymi ustami - gęby nie znam, ale tamtą piosenkę mętnie pamiętałem i Baltimora z Tarzan Boy (tego jak się nazywa i zespół i piosenka to się akurat dowiedziałem z programu Sierockiego. Refren za to w głowie mi został przez te wszystkie lata. Za wcięciem jak ktoś ma se ochotę przypomnieć :D ) Read more... )

Własciwie to dochodzę do wniosku, że to jeden z lepszych programów w TV. A Marek Sierocki jak zwykle rządzi.

Taaa, myślę, ze to mówi wszystko o obecnym stanie innych telewizji muzycznych.
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Day 5: Favourite Video

Hmm, this is actually difficult to answer and not becasue it's all good and hard to choose from but because it's all crap and hard to choose from. I mean, I love The Smihs (no, really?) but the videos they made were nothing special.

Morrissey had refused to make videos (something about how the group weren't going to pander to modern music tastes of cheap "cinematic" entertainment) and the result was that when they had to make a vid promoting the material, it was usually Top of the Pops appearance. Lots of smoke, occasionally baloons, an audience who didn't give a damn what music they were dancing to and dubious lighting.

Therefore I choose an inteview and some staged studio footage. Staged but I still love watchng it (Andyyyy) and as one commenter on YT pointed out: Andy looks cool with his bass, Johnny looks cool with his guitar, Moz looks cool singing. And then there's Mike. Looking like he's about to murder you.

As for the official videos, This Charmin Man has got something of a sentimental value.

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Yes, I'm hoping to finish this meme before the end of this year. And sorry for spamming your reading/friends pages but it was all too good to miss. So, without further ado:

Day 4: Favourite Drum Part

With this I'm pretty sure my favourite is What Difference Does It Make?, the Hatful of Hollow version. The album version (The Smiths - their debut) is constrained, polished and kept to a painfully narrow unimaginative rhythm. All fault of John Porter who produced their eventual debut and who concentrated on Johnny's precious guitars to the detriment of everything else with perhaps the exception of Morrissey's vocals. Bitter? moi? Never.

Oh all right, maybe Porter's style and focus on Johnny really brought out what we've all appreciated about Marr, namely his stunning guitar-work, but the Hatful of Hollow's versions of the songs from the debut album really let the rhythm section shine and thank God for that.

Mike Joyce's musical roots were punk so it's not surprising he'd want to experiment with odd rhythms and below you can hear the result of that. Listen how splendidly the bass drum doesn't follow the bass guitar and how the stress is put where you wouldn't expect it. The only other drummer I can recall playing like this was John Maher from The Buzzcocks.

And if you need further proof that Mike was/is a brilliant drummer, listen to any cover of any Smiths song. The drummer always always fails to repeat Mike's original patterns.

Well, okay, have a bonus track: These Things Take Time from '83 Derby gig. I've chosen this one because the bass drum is especially clear here.

Damn, have another bonus track: The Queen Is Dead because the drum intro is a thing to behold. Also, this is one of the few Smiths videos directed by Derek Jarman:

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Erm, Day 3 that turns up five months after Day 2. But never mind, I'm sure you've all missed the meme terribly.

Day 3: Favourite Guitar Part

Hmm, tough choice, that one. Not that the previous choces were any easier. All right, I think I'll choose William, It Was Really Nothing because of the sheer shimmering quality of those guitars. Like rain drops shivering on a delicate spider's web (well well, look me go all poetic about that. Nevertheless, it is true). The proof:


Jun. 25th, 2013 10:09 pm
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Let's interrupt this deathly silence with a bit of music, shall we?

Rourkey and Ole Koretsky's band Jetlag in all their the-colours-on-this-film-look-like-it's-70's glory :)

FALLING APART // JetlagNYC official video from resistenza analogica on Vimeo.

All fawning aside, I'm looking forward to their LP.
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So, it looks like 1/2 of The Smiths plays together again, at least once in a blue moon. And it's great, it really is, but why did Johnny have to choose How Soon Is Now? ? Andy's always said that they could never get the song quite right because of the effects, that it was a pain to play (and I don't particularly like it, so I'll complain all I want).

And more importantly, why does Johnny have to sing *tries not to cringe*? I get it that these are his songs too and he's got every right to include them in his gigs - much like Morrissey does - but Johnny's talents, many though they are, I'm sure, don't include singing.

Oh well, still, we've got this little lovely picture to look at, don't we?

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Heh, someone finally made a vid to it and uploaded to YT. Behold the marvel that is Andy Rourke singing (but I still like the bass better).

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I guess most of you know about this already, but I - being obsessed with one band/fandom and a bit blind (let's call spade a spade) to other music-related news - have only learnt about it a couple of weeks ago thanks to Rourkey's radio show.

And the news is: Suede are coming back. Their new single is called Barriers and is a decent enough song. Reminds me of the Coming Up era which is a good thing. Of course, it would be eminently better if it reminded me of the Suede or Dog Man Star era, but one can't have everything (the everything in question being Bernard Butler most of the time). However, if the rest of their new album (there will be one, right?) is similarly good, I might even buy it.

In other news, Johnny Marr is releasing his solo album in February. The first single: The Messenger is... how to put it delicately... less than could be expected. A few days ago I heard another track from the album - The Right Thing, Right (points for the imaginative title, Johnny, really *sarcasm*) and that one wasn't as crap (oh well, I guess delicacy just went out the window). It was actually pretty good, but let's just say I don't hold my breath - nor the hopes too high - for the album. Since at least 2000 Marr's career has been tragically disappointing.

P.S. And it looks like David Bowie is also about to release a new album. Might be interesting.
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Listening to Rourkey's Jetlag - I've finally figured that 2 PM in NY is 8 PM here. For some reason I'd always though it's 8 in the morning.

Anyway, Andy played the new Johnny Marr single - "The Messenger" and oh, it won't be a hit. So bloody sad to say it, but the song really doesn't have anything in it that would distinguish it from the sea of similar music around. Yeah, maybe I expect too much, but considering from whom I expect it, it's really not that much.


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