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This manga is one of the funniest I've ever read (it's funny because it's true) and I relate to the main character on a truly spiritual level :D

The main character is Sakaguchi Ryou (the "fudanshi" from the title) - a high school student whose greatest passion is BL (Boys Love) manga. He's not gay, he just loves BL and would really like to have more like-minded friends. Because his best friend - Nakamura - while being quite understanding of Gucchi's passion, doesn't share the interest and occassionally looks at Gucchi weirdly. Or with despair.

However, later Gucchi does meet a fujoshi freind - Nishihara Rumi - and the two couldn't be happier than discussing favourite pairings, anime, manga, slashing real people etc. They get on really well - to the point Nakamura asks himself (and them as well) why they aren't a couple since they share the same interests and seem to have great fun together.

Yes, he clearly ships them. Although it seems he ships them quite in vain because both say they don't see the other as anything other than a "fu" friend - sort of like a comrade in arms (BL is srs bizns, guys).

And that's another thing I like about this manga: the total lack of romance. Admittedly, at the end of 1st volume, there is something like additional yonkoma showing another character: Yamashita, who has a gigantic crush on Sakaguchi. To which Gucchi is completely oblivious. But in general, we get exactly what it says on the tin: fudanshi koukou seikatsu, which means: the high school life of a fudanshi. And it is hilarious. The manga is also well-drawn (I'd almost say 'pretty') and relatable to every otaku/slasher/fujoshi/fudanshi.

There's a similar - at first glance - manga and anime: Watashi ga Motete Dousunda (English title: Kiss Him, Not Me!, polski: "Pocałuj jego, kolego!" wydawane przez Kotori), telling a story of a fujoshi, but in my opinion Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu is better. Funnier and does not have the harem-type romance (totally realistic that, totally). But to each his or her own, I guess.

Anyway, the manga will be released in English on June 1st - go check it out. And in the meantime, you can also check the anime - it's not as prettily-drawn as manga, but it does have a fantastic opening and a very good ending and Hatano Wataru singing them and voicing the main character. It is a real shame the anime did not include the story of Gucchi discovering BLCDs. Nishihara lends him one CD at one point, but Gucchi is sort of freaked out the uke sounds like Nakamura. He very well could be, especially if his voice actor starred in some BL dramas in real life. Hatano-san certainly did and how hilarious it would be if the anime went that route: creating a tiny in-universe snippet of the CD Gucchi listens to, with Nakamura's seiyuu as uke and Sakagucchi's seiyuu as seme. Gucchi could get a double freak-out :D

So yeah, read or watch, and if you decide you like the visual style of the manga, you can also check other stories by Michinoku Atami. Beware though, they are all prettily drawn but it's all m/m porn. With feelings, tho :D

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Returning from the dead because I've found a new, sort of, fandom. Tying nicely with my not-so-recent interest in learning Japanese (2nd year course and I can confidently state I can say a bit more than "My cow is red" now. But only a bit.). And I said "fandom", but in reality I'm just obsessing over one voice actor. But there sort of seems to be a seiyuu fandom, so well... let's go with that for now.

OK, starting at the beginning. Last year by total accident I stumbled on Yuri!!! on ICE. I actually saw the fan merchandise (pins to be exact) with the title and I remembered I thought 'Why is it named yuri when it looks like yaoi?' LOL, famous last words.

Anyway, long story short, I liked the show but I'm not going to describe/review etc. it because you can find those things all over the net now. I do recommend it though - funny, interesting plot and great characters. And music. Music was good. The opening I liked right from the start, but the ending sneakily grew on me, since I'm not really into that music genre. And I sort of found it really funny that the guy singing the ending was also the voice actor for one of the characters. DIY, that's what I always say.

Also at about the same time I finally caved and bought the first volume of Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai manga. It was published in Polish by one of our manga publishers a couple of years ago, but I always had my doubts about the title. I mean, lewd masochistic Yakuza boss... *makes sort of WTF face*. Plus the cover art of that first volume did not inspire confidence in the title either.

But well, I did like other books by the same mangaka: Yoneda Kou. So I thought, eh, maybe it's not that bad... One volume will not ruin my finances and the worst case scenario is I will never read it again.

So I bought it. And whoa, I did not expect to actually like it that much. Because even if the blurb at the back and general plot descriptions seemed iffy, the plot was really good, the characters sufficiently nuanced to hold attention and the drawings nothing to sneer at either. Yes, we do have that masochistic Yakuza boss there (Yashiro), but he's actually not a drooping infuriating uke, but quite a commanding presence. And then there's his big oaf of a bodyguard (Doumekiiii) and his subordinates/lackeys (Nanahara and Sugimoto mostly) and his bosses (Mizumi-san is scary af in the right light. And Hirata-san is just plain bastard). Oh, and there's also sex, so you know, if you wanted to give it a go, be prepared for it. And yes, it is yaoi.

Anyway, I got the remaining two volumes and got through them in two days. One of the best stories I've ever read.
And in the course of looking through internets for all things Saezuru Tori related I also saw there was someting like a drama CD made for the manga. Cool, I thought. Maybe will check it some day.

And then I heard in some youtube video a new word: "fudanshi". What the hell is that? Uncle Google helped and lo and behold, not only did I find the definition of the word, but I also found Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu anime.

And let me tell you, it's not every day that you see something so relatable (LOL, but yes). I'm much much less obsessed than Gucchi but the general set up is there, complete with a 'normal' friend to whom I sometimes babble about fandoms/pairings and the likes and he bears it stoically and doesn't roll his eyes too much. And sometimes even gets into those fandoms himself (Whitechapel was a big hit heheheh).

Only, we're not actually in high school anymore. We did meet in high school, though. I sometimes wonder if Sakaguchi and Nakamura will end up similarly: Nakamura married, but still friends with Gucchi, who still babbles to him about fandoms and yaoi manga :D

So yes, all 12 episodes of Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu were watched in one go (well, each is only 3-4 minutes long), and upon hearing opening and ending I was like YES, THIS MUSIC, GIMME MORE. WHOSE IS THAT AMAZING VOICE?

Apparently it was the voice of the main character in the anime (Sakaguchi) and the actor voicing him is - now pay attention - Hatano Wataru.

The guy who sang the ending for Yuri!!! on ICE.

The guy who I read voiced Doumeki on Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai drama CD.

Coincidence? Or is it? :D

So now I'm kinda obsessing over Hatano-san's work. And I'm sort of going through all (or at least as many as I am able to get my hands on) the drama CDs and singles/albums he released. This is certainly an... interesting experience. Because he's very er... prolific in the BL (boys love) drama CDs department.

To be honest, though, I haven't laughed that much since seeing Macierewicz/Misiewicz memes. Or possibly writing Kaczyński/Tusk slash (sorry, this joke is only understandable to Polish poeple). Because, really, hearing your favourite seiyuu moaning, panting and making sucking, slurping and kissing noises is certainly a novel experience. One that makes me totally appreciate Japanese approach to entertainment. I had no idea such a huge market existed - I mean BL really: manga, drama CDs, games (I'm still not sure what those otome games are, hmmm). We here - up West, let's say - are like those cats in the desert: we have no hope of comprehending this litter box.

Also, Hatano-san's dedication to his work is a thing of beauty *chokes on laughter*. All the seiyuu really - damn, those things require some serous skill. I'm even inclined to think voice actors are better than actors who work with their body (for lack of better definition). I mean, it's obviously a completely different thng, but I'm possibly slightly in favour of seiyuu. I mean, listen to this and remember the backing vocals are done by Hatano-san as well. BTW, it's a song, so completely work-safe, if anyone had any doubts.

So yeah, currently I die of laughter a bit each day, but it will be a very nice way to go. Also, all laughter aside, listening to those CDs is a great way to familiarise oneself with how Japanese speak and it's actually a great help in learning Japanese. We're not exposed to this language the way we are to English - practically since birth - so having this opportunity to listen to the cadence, accent (though I still cannot hear that), vocabulary etc. is honestly helpful.

And next time: Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu and why Michinoku Atami is a goddess.
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OK, to ponieważ lubię poględzić o tym, co mnie aktualnie intersuje, to zapodam temat mangi.

Jak pisałem w poprzednim poście, wróciłem do czytania mangi w większej ilości, niż jedna na dwa miesiące. Teraz zresztą kiedy Waneko dogoniło Japonię z "Kuroshitsuji", manga ukazuje się mniej więcej raz na pół roku. Ale polecam jak ktoś nie zna - japońskie wyobrażenie o wiktoriańskiej Anglii - przynajmniej w Kuroszu - jest nieustającym źródłem rozrywki.

W ogóle to ostatnio zacząłem się też trochę jarać japońszczyzną w szerszym zakresie, że tak powiem: mangi, anime, słodycze (dobre bo mniej słodkie, niż polskie. Największy wybór mają w Harro jak ktoś chce spróbować), muzyka. Obecnie z tym ostatnim jestem na etapie SID. (tak tak, przez "Monochrome no kiss"). Zanim wpadłen na to, że można ich pewnie znaleźć na jutubie, to przesłuchałem kilka płyt (naaajs, polecam). A jak już zobaczyłem bend na obrazku, to się zdziwiłem, że wokalista wygląda jak dziewczyna :D

Poza tym zacząłem się uczyć japońskiego bo stwierdziłem, że języki europejskie nie stanowią dla mnie odpowiedniego wyzwania (nie ma to jak se znaleźć czellendż). Oprócz poprzednio wspomnianych kolorów krów i zapytań w sklepie, wiem jak policzyć do stu *yeah*.

W ramach materiałów do przyszłych ćwiczeń i po rozgryzienu japońskiego amazona (mają na szczęście interfejs po angielsku), zaopatrzyłem się też w parę tomików Makai Ouji po japońsku (czellendż accepted).

A skoro doszliśmy do tego tytułu, to się zatrzymajmy *this was smooth :D*. Po polsku manga ma tytuł "Książę piekieł - devils and realist" i jest na serio świetna. Jest wiktoriańska Anglia, anioły, demony, śliczna kreska, a polskie tłumaczenie jest super hiper i wogle. Tu opis ze strony sklepu wydawnictwa Studio JG:

Williamowi Twiningowi niczego do szczęścia nie brakuje. Jest bogaty, mieszka z wujem i lokajem w wielkim domu, chodzi do prestiżowej szkoły, a los obdarzył go niebywałą inteligencją i dobrym wyglądem. Jest przy tym człowiekiem twardo stąpającym po ziemi i nie wierzy w nic, co można by zakwalifikować jako zjawisko nadprzyrodzone. Jednak wszystko, co dobre, kiedyś się kończy... Firma wuja Williama bankrutuje i rodzina Twiningów zostaje bez pieniędzy.

Pewnego razu szukając w posiadłości wartościowych rzeczy, które można by było sprzedać, natrafia na tajemniczy pokój. Chłopak przez przypadek otwiera portal i przyzywa demona imieniem Dantalion, który informuje go, że jest jedynym, który może wybrać następnego władcę demonów! Jak potoczą się losy młodego Williama?

Tłumaczenie zawiera nieśmiertelne teksty typu: "Mój ci on" (kto pamięta z jakiej to lektury?) tudzież dialogi w rodzaju:
Kevin (kamerdyner Williama): Chce mnie panicz zwolnić?!
William: Przecież to ty chcesz odejść!
Kevin: Ależ ja tu tylko dorabiam na waciki.

Nie muszę chyba dodawać, że kamerdyner rządzi i wymiata (właściwie to wszyscy trzej rządzą) :D Oprócz tego jest jeszcze fanserwis i sporo możliwiści do slashu :D. Mam nadzieję, że SJG się dogada z wydawnictwem japońskim i od nowego roku będzie znowu wydawać mangę bo w Japonii wyszedł niedawno tom 11, reszta Europy jest na ok. 6-7 tomie, a my się zatrzymaliśmy na czwartym *wzdech*.

Ciąg dalszy ględzenia o mangach w kolejnym wpisie kiedyśtam.
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So yes, I'm still alive, if anyone cares. I know you don't but allow me my little delusions.

Anyway, this year has been pretty rough. Suffice to say that last November there was a serious illness in my family, and it's been bad.

As to other things: I got a new flat and moved out of my parents' (finally). And people: even if you get along with your parents pretty well, you'll get along with them fabuously when you move out. It's a universal truth.

I got back to reading manga. Well, maybe started reading more is more accurate: I used to buy only Kuroshitsuji (what? I like Victorian England and I'm very attached to the concept of shinigami. And William/Sebastian gives me hope for a better world. Or something), but now I've been reading regularly a few others. Makai Ouji - Devils and Realist is probably my favourite the way Kuroshitsuji never quite managed to be. There's action and adventure and supernatural stuff and the Polish translation borders on brilliant.

And I've started learning Japanese. At this point I can confidently say that my cow is red (watashi-no ushi-wa akai desu), ask someone if their cow is blue (anata-no ushi-wa aoi desu ka?) and ask how much something costs is a shop (ikura desu ka?) - this last rather more useful than the rest, I feel.

I also got back to writing. I haven't written anything for over a year and felt even less inclined to post what I had written before last November. Still not sure when I muster the energy, but at least there is a start. Even if it is totally self-indulgent meant to pander to yaoi fans another bloody rare pairing, Jesus, why can't I write something popular for once? slash.

So yeah, that's it for now. Cheers and have a good night.


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