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Finally it's official with the dates, the hour and everything. COB will be playing on Dec. 13 at The Workshop in London. You can read about it on Facebook here and here.

I'm saving money for the trip, we'll see how it goes. Keep fingers crossed.

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Guuuuuyyys, Colour Of Bone will be playing their first gig in December. So awesome. And so bloody far, of course, and I've got no money for the trip, but I'm starting to think some plotting will not come amiss.

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You know, I really love what Colour Of Bone do with their tunes: they put all those little twists in their songs, transforming them from simple good tracks into subtly (or not so subtly) creepy ones.

I have never encountered it with any other band, to be honest, so more kudos to them.

Take Ashtrays For Earrings - it's got a very subtly creepy ending of recorded conversations played back like the tape is looping and its tail end is being pulled from one reel onto the other one twice as fast as it should.

There's also Itch with the sound of a CD (or a laser disc, to be precise) spinnig in its drive - not creepy at all, but a lovely touch nonetheless. Quite brilliant actually.

The Superstitious Twist has the completely creepy 'choir' doing backing vocals around 01:43. Brings to mind funerals and abandoned cemeteries and yes, the lyrics do contribute.

And then there is the newest single Radio that has piano tinkling in the background of the chorus. Very old-sounding, almost ghostly, and interestingly, quite like a faded black-and-white photograph. It actually creates a great effect with the foreground (music and the lyrics) because you can hear two distinct musical 'planes of existance' transposed over each other.

Also, I think I've just discovered I've got a mild case of synaesthesia. LOL.

Anyway, do give them a listen. Better yet, go and support them.
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U guiz, COB have released a new single. Check it out (and give it more than one listening to. It really grows on you).

And look at the pretty artwork.

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To anyone who might wander past and who happens to live in London and who is a musician (or DJ or just a 'noise maker'):

Colour Of Bone are looking for the third member to complete their live line up.

Colour Of Bone are currently seeking a Keys/Midi/DJ/Noise Maker to complete the line up for live shows. This new third and final member can be all or just one of those things. It's up to you.
All songs are complete and recorded and ready to gig.
Colour Of Bone play Alt-Rock with an Electronic edge and Pop sensibilities.
Listen to songs and watch videos by googling 'Colour Of Bone' and visit the official website....... If you're interested, please get in touch.

Here's the link to their add on Gumtree. I'm begging you, if you've got a musical bone in your body and live nearby, go and apply.

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So, my favourite band of recent weeks have released a new single today. Here, have a listen:

Nice, eh? What's interesting is that this is an obvious re-visitation of a song that was previously recorded with the vocalist's old band The Circus Electric. I love hearing how it's changed since then: Sam seems to favour odd word associations over sense nowadays, but I quite like that. Though I rather miss the bass line from the old one. It was more bouncy , not so tied to the vocal line and actually reminded me of Rourke a bit.

But there's this hilarious bit in the middle of this new version: at 01:37 the only image I see is a completely sloshed Kent singing at yet another of Mansell's wedding (or divorce) parties. Possibly with Morgan Lamb or DI Norroy in mind. I'm sorry, I'm a horrible human being, I know :D

Anyway, here's the old version, well worth listening to as well:

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So yeah, this is going to be personal but wow - I'm sitting here, it's the middle of the night and I'm actually falling in love with another stupid band :D It's really quite fun to observe the process. OK, it's hilarious because the band is Colour Of Bone and after watching Whitechapel over the past 2 weeks I cannot shake the image that Detective Constable Emerson Kent is their singer (and he's got a funny accent and it seriously doesn't help I remember Kent's speech patterns).

Yes, happily enough, Sam Stockman - the actor - is also the musician. And it really doesn't hurt the band's music is GREAT. Seriously, I recommend them wholeheartedly.

Pity they've got only six songs available to the public, but let's take what we can get.

Their website: COLOUR OF BONE and the tracks are available for download (for a small fee) on the sub-page: here. Enjoy, people. I certainly am - I haven't heard anything that good in a couple of years.
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I sort of by accident found a really good band. By accident because I went in search of all things Whitechapel now that I've watched all the series. And lo and behold, Sam Stockman, who played DC Emerson Kent, is a musician as well and he's got a band and the band is named Colour Of Bone and is actually pretty good.

Here, have a sample:


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