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Podebrane od [ profile] andrea_deer bo to jednak jest ubaw po pachy :D Trochę zmodyfikowane: piosenek jest tylko 10, a teksty sam tłumaczyłem bo na 'tekstowo' to bym se szukał do śmierci. A jak już coś było, to stwierdziłem, że beznadziejnie przetłumaczone.

Zasady oryginału:

1. Wybierz 15 piosenek nie po polsku. (Może nie być losowo.)
2. Na stronie tekstowo znajdź tłumaczenia tekstów i wklej kilka pierwszych, przetłumaczonych wersów. (Dla ułatwienia możesz dodać jaki był język oryginału.)
3. Flista niech zgaduje, co to za piosenki.
4. Wykreśl, co zgadnięte i dodaj do postu prawidłowe odpowiedzi.
5. Googlanie jest dla słabych. (A używanie zwrotne translatora dla niepoczytalnych.)

Ale uwaga, jest bonus. Ponieważ jestem obrzydliwym hipsterem (a.k.a. "na pewno nie znasz bendów, któych słucham"), ten kto odgadnie coś, dostanie fan fika. Nie jakieś tam powieści, ale coś między 200 a 500 słowami będzie.

Fandomy, do których mogę coś natworzyć są w tagach. Skłonny jestem również naklepać coś do polskiego RPF, muzycznego (nie-polskiego) RPF oraz tudzież ewentualnie Harry'ego Pottera (nie twierdzę, że będzie to dobre, ani 'in character' ale mogę spróbować).

Tzw. liryka - poniżej. Wszystkie teksty tłumaczone z angielskiego )
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So yeah, I'm several years late to the party, but look what I've found: a Snarry song :D

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You know, I really love what Colour Of Bone do with their tunes: they put all those little twists in their songs, transforming them from simple good tracks into subtly (or not so subtly) creepy ones.

I have never encountered it with any other band, to be honest, so more kudos to them.

Take Ashtrays For Earrings - it's got a very subtly creepy ending of recorded conversations played back like the tape is looping and its tail end is being pulled from one reel onto the other one twice as fast as it should.

There's also Itch with the sound of a CD (or a laser disc, to be precise) spinnig in its drive - not creepy at all, but a lovely touch nonetheless. Quite brilliant actually.

The Superstitious Twist has the completely creepy 'choir' doing backing vocals around 01:43. Brings to mind funerals and abandoned cemeteries and yes, the lyrics do contribute.

And then there is the newest single Radio that has piano tinkling in the background of the chorus. Very old-sounding, almost ghostly, and interestingly, quite like a faded black-and-white photograph. It actually creates a great effect with the foreground (music and the lyrics) because you can hear two distinct musical 'planes of existance' transposed over each other.

Also, I think I've just discovered I've got a mild case of synaesthesia. LOL.

Anyway, do give them a listen. Better yet, go and support them.
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U guiz, COB have released a new single. Check it out (and give it more than one listening to. It really grows on you).

And look at the pretty artwork.

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Philosophical question for starters: why do so many of the actors I like star so many awful films?

I mean there was Dominic Keating, but I drew a line at Ninong. I still kinda want to watch Sherlock Holmes vs. Dinosaurs, though.

Then Nick Lea and I did suffer through cardboard-rubber monsters and slightly unconvincing thrillers. His filmography isn't even that filled with horrible-ness, but most of it (the better part, really) is impossible to find.

And now we have Sam Stockman whose acting career seems to contain roles in far too many ridiculously-hard-to-get-your-hands-on TV serials on one side and shite horror films on the other.

At least my favourite actresses fare better, though with Tilda Swinton I'm still preparing myself mentally for Derek Jarman's brand of artistic/symbolistic gay erotica. God, the things we do for the people we like.

Anyway, since I did embark on this stoopid quest, have some screeencaps. And commentary. And maybe a bit of a laugh. This time: The Task - a film from 2011, which is about "A group of unlucky reality show contestants who must survive the night in a haunted jail" (and I nearly burst into laughter after reading this synopsis. I am a horrible human being).

The esteemed Mr Stockman plays the character of Scelzi, a junkie cameraman who fortunately drops dead after about 40 minutes, so you don't have to suffer through all of it. Fun fact: he's killed via a spike through the eye but you can tell without any difficulty the "killer" aims beside his head and the spray of blood looks like something from a garden hose - though thankfully not that big. A sort of a miniature garden hose - and that should tell you all you need to know about the quality of the film.

screencaps ahead )

OTP meme

Oct. 5th, 2014 08:23 pm
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Was tagged by [ profile] andrea_deer to list 5 favourite OTPs. So, in chronological order:

1. Joseph Chandler/Emerson Kent (Whitechapel)
2. Andy Rourke/Morrissey (The Smiths)
3. Fox Mulder/Alex Krycek (The X-Files)
4. Alan Bradley/Tron, Lora Baines/Yori, Alan Bradley/Lora Baines (Tron) - because I couldn't decide on just one in this fandom.
5. T'Pol/Malcolm Reed (Star Trek: Enterprise)

Honourable mentions, aka OTPs in fandoms in which I was for about a minute or those that will soon pass. In no particular order:

1. Severus Snape/Harry Potter - never been in the fandom, and it's all fault of [ profile] andrea_deer because she once posted Drarry recs and I thought LOL Drarry, why are people so eager with portmanteau names? and wasn't there also Snarry? I wonder how that one works, let's see if we can find something, oh shit that's a lot of fics and why is this fandom so big and wow, is that fanart? there's a lot of that and why not try to read all the fics on AO3? Hey, I think I like it.

That was the general thought process and now I'm still reading the fics. This phase should pass in a few weeks but for now I'm having all the fun in the world.

2. Anne Shirley/Diana Barry (Anne of Green Gables) - it gives me warm fuzzies, OK?
3. Steve Rogers/Phil Coulson (The Avengers) - because it makes sense (sort of)
4. Tony Stark/JARVIS (Iron Man) - AI kink? technology kink?
5. Alex Krycek/John Byers (The X-Files) - why does nobody write it? It's pure gold, I'm telling you.
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Was tagged by [ profile] andrea_deer

Rule 1: Always post the rules.
Rule 2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked with gifs, and write 11 new ones or don’t, whatever.
Rule 3: Tag 11 people and link them to the post.
Rule 4: Actually tell them you tagged them.

Let's ignore rules 3 and 4 completely and let the fun commence *evil grin*.

here be GIFs )

Well, that was surprisingly fun. I tag everyone who wants to do this meme and as for the questions - feel free to post your own.
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Well, what a singularly unmoving experience listening to that album was. It was definitely better back in The Smiths days when Morrissey kept to 10-track album format. Ten songs would be just enough here, twelve tips listening to WPINOYB (as the fans have already nick-named it) over the edge of this side of interesting to the other side of weary boredom.

Bad metaphors aside, though, there are two or three songs that are not entirely forgettable. "Istanbul" and "I Am Not a Man" come to mind first, but musically the album offers nothing new, nothing breathtaking. Let's face it, if it wasn't for Morrissey's name on the cover, the album would be forgettable.

Lyrically, it's no masterpiece either. I do worry (but only a little bit) that Morrissey has no idea what taxes are for. No NHS glasses for him (oh how quickly they forget).

And for the life of me, I can't understand what is the point in writing a song like "Staircase at the University" when all of this has been said before more eloquently and less heartlessly too. Well, at least it's catchy. Good luck with getting it on the daytime radio.
Funny thing about this song, though, it does remind one of The Smiths days or at least the better Morrissey-solo years. But back then the lyrics would have been better too.

"Kick the Bride Down the Aisle" makes even less sense. Moreover, it's not even musically strong enough to justify its existence in Mozzer's catalogue at all. I guess with such composers as Boz Boorer and co. some standards had to go. Pity that, really.

But wait. Wait a second. "Oboe Concerto" – does the bass (or everything else in that song) remind you of anything? It bloody well should because the bass is lifted almost directly from live intro to "Unloveable" and the whole song is a not-so-distant cousin of "Death of a Disco Dancer". I would almost call it a rip-off if I were feeling less charitable. Even the uncoordinated drum solo towards the end is the answer to Mozzer's piano tinkling back then. Jesus, for a bloke constantly saying that The Smiths are dead and well and truly buried under piles of resentment and corpses of NME journalists, Morrissey sure clings to that band. Oops sorry, group.

Anyway, apart from that brief spot of excitement, the songs are dreadfully sleep-inducing. I've never made it a secret that I don't like Morrissey's solo work and the further into his solo career the worse it was, so WPINOYB didn't disappoint me in the slightest. It's not entirely horrible, but it's not all that good. It's mediocre, lukewarm and not at all what a Morrissey album should be. Maybe he really should retire from music and start his career as a writer. Judging by his Autobiography he's at least good at it.

P.S. I have not listened to Johnny Marr's new solo work yet, but I'm sure it will be as unimaginative in the lyrics department and where-have-I-heard-this-before when it comes to music as The Messenger. I'm going back to Kajagoogoo.
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Hmm, there’s a nice prompt at [ profile] multifandom_pl for day 6 of the ficathon. Should I write smut or not?

Seriously, the ficlet can go several ways, but I’m thinking that maybe I should finally write some porn for this fandom. This fandom being Whitechapel, so that we’re clear. And porn being between Chandler and Kent.

Any advice anyone?
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Skipping day 4 because I couldn't find anything good to write for the prompts.

Title: (Good Times) For a Change
Author: Ad Absurdum
Fandom: Whitechapel
Genre: Gen (with canon-compliant sort of slash)
Rating: G
Timeline: s4e05
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: Characters - not mine. No profit made.
A/N: The title is stolen from a song by The Smiths "Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want".
Summary: Written for the following prompt at [ profile] multifandom_pl:

Perhaps I am somewhere patient, somehow
kind, perhaps in the nook

of a cousin universe I've never defiled or betrayed
anyone. Here I have
two hands and they are vanishing, the hollow of your back
to rest my cheek against,

your voice and little else but my assiduous fear to cherish

-- Bob Hicok

Read more... )
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To anyone who might wander past and who happens to live in London and who is a musician (or DJ or just a 'noise maker'):

Colour Of Bone are looking for the third member to complete their live line up.

Colour Of Bone are currently seeking a Keys/Midi/DJ/Noise Maker to complete the line up for live shows. This new third and final member can be all or just one of those things. It's up to you.
All songs are complete and recorded and ready to gig.
Colour Of Bone play Alt-Rock with an Electronic edge and Pop sensibilities.
Listen to songs and watch videos by googling 'Colour Of Bone' and visit the official website....... If you're interested, please get in touch.

Here's the link to their add on Gumtree. I'm begging you, if you've got a musical bone in your body and live nearby, go and apply.

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A day late. Also, sorry for the increasingly weird warnings.

Title: White Feathers
Author: Ad Absurdum
Fandom: Whitechapel
Genre: Gen, Supernatural
Rating: PG
Timeline: well post-season 4
Warnings: Demon!Kent, pre-angel!Chandler, a bit of violence
Disclaimer: Characters - not mine. No profit made.
Summary: Written for [ profile] multifandom_pl Ficathon 14 for the following prompt: photos of the world after zombie virus. Particularly those two photos.

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Title: What's In a Name?
Author: Ad Absurdum
Fandom: Whitechapel
Genre: Gen, Supernatural
Rating: G
Timeline: well post-season 4
Warnings: Demon!Kent
Disclaimer: Characters - not mine. No profit made.
Summary: Written for the following prompt:

You never named me.
Victor, you never gave me what little humanity

every person is owed.

I understand there are abominations
and monstrosities that should be forgotten and
erased from history but
even hurricanes have names.

"Open Letter From Frankenstein’s Monster To Victor Frankenstein", Alex Dang

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Kurde, poddaję się. Próbowałem napisać coś po polsku na ten Fikaton na [ profile] multifandom_pl, ale po prostu nie mogę. Polski język trudna język i k… jak ja mam napisać po polsku "crime scene" skoro "miejsce zbrodni" brzmi beznadziejnie? A szczególnie rozglądanie się po nim.

Angielski zatem pozostaje.

Title: My Mind
Author: Ad Absurdum
Fandom: Whitechapel
Genre: Gen
Rating: PG
Timeline: season 4
Warnings: Dark!Kent
Summary: Written for the following prompts:
1. "My mind is filled with cataclysm and apocalypse. I wish for earthquakes, eruptions, flood."
-- Madeline Miller, the Song of Achilles
2. A picture
Disclaimer: Characters - not mine. No profit made.

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You know how it sometimes is with a new fandom? Or maybe every fandom? You'd like to maybe write something, but you don't really know what. And you'd like to get a better feel of the characters so you'd like the fic to be short and somehow character-focussed as opposed to an action-driven one.

So you find a kink meme and think 'Hey, this looks good. And I don't even have to write smut, there are bound to be some interesting prompts in here.' And you do find a few prompts that you'd like to try. And you choose one, thinking that it'll surely be 600-700 words at most because your writing has always been too concise and since there are no big plot developments, it'll take you just a few days to write.

And then you let the fic consume your brain and it's two bloody weeks later and you've only just finished the stupid thing and it takes 30 effing pages in your notebook *headdesk*.

Because why spend your two-week holidays just doing nothing: re-watching favourite shows, reading that pile of books you've been putting aside for when YOU'VE GOT HOLIDAYS when you can write fics, kidding yourself every day that you see the end. A week into the writing I realised the end is nowhere in sight. It's always bloody the same: you just stare at the page, thinking 'come on, guys, why do you feel the need to do this or that or go there or drink pints of tea before you even consider moving on?'

Well, at least I finished it just as I finished the holidays.

Also, no smut. I fail at kink memes.

In other (but sort of related) news: I made my friend watch Whitechapel. After watching S1 and S2, he texted me: 'Murders are awesome but Kent's so gay and so in love with Chandler it's not even funny'.

Now he and his wife are having debates over Kent's chances with Chandler and I got another text: 'I hate you, you perv. I want S3 and S4'.

Mission accomplished. Hehhheheheeheeheh
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Heeey, look what I've found: tiny (11-year-old) Sam Stockman and Dominic Keating (thanks, [personal profile] megan_moonlight for reminding me about Malcolm) in Desmond's. S5E12: A Matter Of Life And Death.

I used to watch this series back when I was a bit more into ENT (I'm not obsessed, I swear) and predictably, spent the whole episode with a grin on my face :D

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Found another Smiths tribute album and finally had enough time to listen to it. I don't know why I do this to myself. I really don't. Anyway, here's 'Wonderwall' here's The World Still Won't Listen.

I'm not sure if the totally inventive and original title should be a plus or not. Considering the contents of the album, it just might be.

front cover

1. "Shoplifters of the World Unite" - Dare to Defy
I was a bit unprepared for the genre I stepped into (yes, people, it's a Genre Album), so I spent this first song with this exact expression: o_O.
Um, the song was fast. Yeah, that's probably best this that can be said about it.

2. "London" - Down By Law
This one is similar to the original except for the guitar coda. The fact that you can actually hear the basisst is, of course, the highlight.

3. "You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side" - Anal Cunt
Two simultaneous reactions occur while listening to this one: LOL and WTF? Seriously, it sounds like the singer is in grave danger of spraining something (he also sounds like a prticularly annoying frog with a sore throat). I'm almost worried. Apart from that, you won't understand the lyrics if you haven't heard them before.

4. "What Difference Does It Make?" - Subzero
Oh oh, I can recognise the beginning riff - that's always a plus. The vocalist isn't a plus, though. Interestingly enough, he also sounds like a frog with a sore throat but it's not as annoying as the previous one.
The bassist is crap, the chorus was changed, the harmony buggered off to parts unknown. All in all, a more pointless bleating has never been heard.

5. "How Soon Is Now" - The Meatmen
First impression: WTF is this?
*25 seconds in*: Oh, it's 'How Soon... . Okay then.
The vocalist really got into this, though I'm pretty sure that in the first chorus he sings "I'm Ewan..." - I haven't laughed like that since track 2. The lyrics in the subsequent choruses were changed too - to more coarse and more with the image of 'fuck yeah, we're so fucking hardcore, man'. Yes, perfect for The Smiths cover, but it brings to mind Satanism for pre-schoolers just a bit more.

6. "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now" - H2O
This... is not bad actually. It does resemble the pop-punk Greenday aesthetics and the singer sounds like he's doing a parody of Mozzer's singing voice, but the drummer gives it all he's got and that's an attitude I like.

7. "Handsome Devil" - Sweet Diesel
Well, at least the beginning is recognisable. The vocalist is a bit annoying (funny, I seem to see a pattern emerging here) and he also sings "a girl in the bush..." - NO HOMO, people, just so we're clear.

8. "Bigmouth Strikes Again" - Slapshot
LOL, the band has got The Animal from the Muppets as their vocalist. Right, whatever floats your boat. You'll have absolutely no idea, though, what said vocalist is singing about (an educated guess would suggest the actual lyrics to "Bigmouth..." but you never know).

9. "You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby" - Screw 32
Another Mozzer-vocal impostor, but the cover is not the worst I've ever heard. Also, it is entirely possible the singer cries at the end. Emo *trololol*.

10. "The Last of the Famous International Playboys" - Leeway
No idea why this one was included on the cover album since it's obviously Morrissey's solo era, but it too was murdered. The delivery and beat are very straightforward and this is not a compliment. The cover lacks the 'swing' of the original and if there ever was a time to mourn the lack of Joyce's drumming (as it almost invariably is with covers), it is now as well.

11. "What She Said" - Youth Brigade
Another Moz impostor. The song is pretty OK, though the second verse is a bit of WTF musically. No, I don't know either.

12. "Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before" - Vision
And here we've got a very nice day at the races, to use a quote (faster, man! Faster!). The bassist was all right, at least he tried, even though it didn't amount to much in the end. In a word: not the worst, though that instrumental bit in the middle was pretty unnecessary.

13. "Half a Person" - Edgewise
Hm, this one sounds rather threatening. Brings to mind a mass murderer with a grudge, actually.

14. "Panic" - The Business
Wouldn't know it's "Panic" without the lyrics. But it did have rather nice Slide-like, well... guitar sliding.
Also, the singer's accent is rather endearing. But it does not make the song a good cover.

15. "Sweet And Tender Hooligan" - 59 Times the Pain
Ow, my ears. The vocalist is a complete waste of time. The bassist tried to save the song and if you're feeling charitable you might say he succeeded a bit.

16. "This Night Has Opened My Eyes" - Home 33
Hm, and people pay to see their gigs? Seriously? Wow.
The band try their best to erase anything that resembles melody and harmony from the song. I don't know what it ever did to them.
The bassist heroically tried to save it. Didn't quite succeed. R.I.P.

17. "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out" - Walleye
Oh, you can recognise the song from the very beginning. How thoughtful. And the song is not entirely horrible. The vocalist gets a tad hysterical, but at least he sings what was written.

18. "Back to the Old House" - Lament
OMG, something slow and it looks like it's gonna stay this way. This is actually pretty good as far as the covers go, but then again, it's very straightforward and very close to the original.

And that is all. Thank God because I don't think I could take much more.

The review was first published in "Shopliftersmag" - an online Smiths fanzine that you can check out on: Google Docs or Issuu
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Oh God, they found me! Jetlag on Tumblr reblogged my photo of Andy Rourke, Ole Koretsky and Allan Dias that Ole posted on his Twitter ages ago. For those having no idea who Jetlag are: they are Ole Koretsky and ANDY ROURKE.

And they've found my Tumblr *is about to hyperventilate*.

OK, OK, it must be just Ole 'cos Andy never goes further than Twitter and Facebook.
The time it took me to convince myself of this has been the most nerve-racking 3 minutes of my life.

Good thing I never post on Tumblr any links to my fics *slumps with relief*.
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So, here it is. Finally after months of waiting, the first issue of the SHOPLIFTERSMAG. Read, enjoy and share. And if you like it, please consider leaving a comment on the fanzine's Tumblr or e-mail the editor (address in the fanzine itself).



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Found a decent "get to know you" meme. It's short so there's actually a chance I'll finish it in a reasonable amount of time when I finally get around to it. Not that anybody would be interested, but posting it here for future reference and days I'll have nothing better to do.

1. Name
2. Date of birth
3. Occupation
4. Where do you live?
5. Any questions?

And the answers are gifs/vids etc. referencing pop-culture.


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