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Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu

This manga is one of the funniest I've ever read (it's funny because it's true) and I relate to the main character on a truly spiritual level :D

The main character is Sakaguchi Ryou (the "fudanshi" from the title) - a high school student whose greatest passion is BL (Boys Love) manga. He's not gay, he just loves BL and would really like to have more like-minded friends. Because his best friend - Nakamura - while being quite understanding of Gucchi's passion, doesn't share the interest and occassionally looks at Gucchi weirdly. Or with despair.

However, later Gucchi does meet a fujoshi freind - Nishihara Rumi - and the two couldn't be happier than discussing favourite pairings, anime, manga, slashing real people etc. They get on really well - to the point Nakamura asks himself (and them as well) why they aren't a couple since they share the same interests and seem to have great fun together.

Yes, he clearly ships them. Although it seems he ships them quite in vain because both say they don't see the other as anything other than a "fu" friend - sort of like a comrade in arms (BL is srs bizns, guys).

And that's another thing I like about this manga: the total lack of romance. Admittedly, at the end of 1st volume, there is something like additional yonkoma showing another character: Yamashita, who has a gigantic crush on Sakaguchi. To which Gucchi is completely oblivious. But in general, we get exactly what it says on the tin: fudanshi koukou seikatsu, which means: the high school life of a fudanshi. And it is hilarious. The manga is also well-drawn (I'd almost say 'pretty') and relatable to every otaku/slasher/fujoshi/fudanshi.

There's a similar - at first glance - manga and anime: Watashi ga Motete Dousunda (English title: Kiss Him, Not Me!, polski: "PocaƂuj jego, kolego!" wydawane przez Kotori), telling a story of a fujoshi, but in my opinion Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu is better. Funnier and does not have the harem-type romance (totally realistic that, totally). But to each his or her own, I guess.

Anyway, the manga will be released in English on June 1st - go check it out. And in the meantime, you can also check the anime - it's not as prettily-drawn as manga, but it does have a fantastic opening and a very good ending and Hatano Wataru singing them and voicing the main character. It is a real shame the anime did not include the story of Gucchi discovering BLCDs. Nishihara lends him one CD at one point, but Gucchi is sort of freaked out the uke sounds like Nakamura. He very well could be, especially if his voice actor starred in some BL dramas in real life. Hatano-san certainly did and how hilarious it would be if the anime went that route: creating a tiny in-universe snippet of the CD Gucchi listens to, with Nakamura's seiyuu as uke and Sakagucchi's seiyuu as seme. Gucchi could get a double freak-out :D

So yeah, read or watch, and if you decide you like the visual style of the manga, you can also check other stories by Michinoku Atami. Beware though, they are all prettily drawn but it's all m/m porn. With feelings, tho :D

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