ad00absurdum: (hatano-san)
Ad Absurdum ([personal profile] ad00absurdum) wrote2017-04-26 10:22 pm

To quote the classics: The Aural Sculpture. Or something a little bit like that

You know what I didn't expect to hear today? The cunning and skillful use of dummy head microphone* by a professional seiyuu. I mean, I'm trying to work, flipping through Soundcloud (what? music helps me to work. sometimes), listening to various Japanese radio shows, music, pieces of drama CDs etc. and there I find Hatano-san talking about his drama CD Thanatos Night among other things (hey, my Japanese is still nearly non-existent - I'm still hoping to learn it by osmosis. Or wishful thinking) and then at the end he - very politely - asks the listeners to buy the CD and... thanks them for it. And that's the moment I kinda went "Wah, wait a chotto, I am not ready for this! Too close!" :D

Use the headphones, and for the full effect at the end, listen from the beginning. And, as they say, tanoshinde kudasai :)

* Here's a very interesting article on wiki about dummy head mics

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