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Ad Absurdum ([personal profile] ad00absurdum) wrote2016-07-17 08:50 pm

Downton Abbey (a.k.a. The Thomas Barrow Show), how I've missed you

Guys, do you remember Downton Abbey ? I don't know what's happened exactly this past week but my fixation on the show is back. (OK, it's most likely because I re-read Thomas and the Society of Sentinels by Alex51324 and its sequel . The story is brilliant and I obviously have no chances when faced with brilliant writing in general. And perhaps this show in particular).

I used to watch the show regularly through 1st, 2nd and 3rd season but later somehow forgot or something else captured my attention and I stopped, but as we say "co siÄ™ odwlecze, to nie uciecze" [*] so my obsession is back :D . I've just bought all six seasons on DVD and I plan to watch them when I've got 2 weeks off work starting the beginning of August. Six seasons in two weeks *giggles manically*. My grasp on reality will probably be non-existent by the end of it, but who cares.

Anyway, to prepare you for the things to come (though I will be mostly spamming Twitter), have some Downton Abbey/Star Wars crossover. It is legit, I swear. And you haven't seen anything until you've seen Maggie Smith with a lightsaber. Every argument after that is invalid. Also, capes are cool (at least according so some).

Part 1

Part 2


[*] - meaning something may come later but will come eventually

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