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Heh, stole it from [personal profile] megan_moonlight in case anyone has any burning questions. I know you don't, but I thought the meme was pretty interesting. And perhaps a good cause for introspection on the subject of writing.

Ask me any of the following questions, by leaving a number or just posting the question, and I will answer them in the comments.

1) is there a story you’re holding off on writing for some reason?

2) what work of yours, if any, are you the most embarrassed about existing?

3) what order do you write in? front of book to back? chronological? favorite scenes first? something else?

4) favorite character you’ve written

5) character you were most surprised to end up writing

6) something you would go back and change in your writing that it’s too late/complicated to change now

7) when asked, are you embarrassed or enthusiastic to tell people that you write?

8) favorite genre to write

9) what, if anything, do you do for inspiration?

10) write in silence or with background noise? with people or alone?

11) what aspect of your writing do you think has most improved since you started writing?

12) your weaknesses as an author

13) your strengths as an author

14) do you make playlists for your current wips?

15) why did you start writing?

16) are there any characters who haunt you?

17) if you could give your fledgling author self any advice, what would it be?

18) were there any works you read that affected you so much that it influenced your writing style? what were they?

19) when it comes to more complicated narratives, how do you keep track of outlines, characters, development, timeline, ect.?

20) do you write in long sit-down sessions or in little spurts?

21) what do you think when you read over your older work?

22) are there any subjects that make you uncomfortable to write?

23) any obscure life experiences that you feel have helped your writing?

24) have you ever become an expert on something you previously knew nothing about, in order to better a scene or a story?

25) copy/paste a few sentences or a short paragraph that you’re particularly proud of
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So, there are several ways to continue. There are rumours about a possible Downton Abbey film where Thomas could get his happy ending. If Julian Fellowes actually realised gay men lived in relationships (with other gay men - just a clarification) before 1967, it could be done via storyline Agatha Christie would be - if not proud of - then at least somewhat favourable towards. Let me tell you my conspiracy theory.

Do you remember lady Edith marrying? Good. So, the chap she's married is Bertie Pelham, Marquess of Hexham. But before he got the title, his cousin Peter was the Marquess of Hexham. Now, Bertie spends really an inordinate amount of time talking about this cousin of his. That he's an "arty type rather than sporty, if you know what I mean", that he often travels to Tangiers to paint "boys, scenes of local life" and "young fishermen", that he likes poetry and he's generally a gentle soul.

And then, much later on when he's about to marry Edith, Bertie's mother all but says that Peter's conduct was questionable/immoral.

Yes, Mr Fellowes, we get it: cousin Peter is gay. But why shove this fact at the audience with such determination, hmm?

Bertie inherits the title because Peter dies in Tangiers. Of malaria and just as he was all set to marry some girl. Interesting, eh? Of course he had to marry: to ensure there was an heir to the title, perhaps because his family was really pushing. But when Bertie gets to Tangiers, he later tells Edith that Peter had already been buried. So he (and we as an audience) never actually saw Peter's body.

My totally brilliand and very plausible theory is that Peter faked his death to have the family/marriage etc. off his back. He just couldn't hand down the title to Bertie but with his death, Bertie gets the title and will marry and will preserve the line and all those things a marquess should do.
And honestly, I wouldn't put that much stock in this theory (even if it is brilliant) if cousin Peter wasn't so much talked about. If he was just mentioned is passing - fine, but Bertie talks endlessly about him and that makes me suspicous of Mr Fellowes's intentions.

And another - purely fanfic - method of fixing things is to go the Jeeves/Wooster route and have Master George, all grown-up of course, become Thomas's lover. I know, the solution is brilliant in its simplicity, isnt it? :D

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So, what I didn't like was how Thomas Barrow's character was treated in later seasons and the finale. Because worse fate or luck - whatever you'll call it - was only dished to Anna and Bates. And in the end even they had their happy ending: they were together, they had a baby and were secure in their positions as servants to the Granthams.

But Thomas - no such luck. Season 5: painful attempts at curing himself of homosexuality. Which actually was very interesting from historical point of view, but in DA universe got Thomas nothing but pain (physical and I'm sure emotional as well) and eventually a visit to Dr Clarkson's office.

Season 6: Downton has to reduce the number of servants so the obvious candidate is the under-butler. Not the newest footman, not a hall-boy, not a maid. No, instead it's the man that spent half his life in the service to the Granthams and rescued little Sybbie from an awful nanny and lady Edith from burning into a crisp in a fire. Carson could have said something, perhaps pointing out another candidate to lord Grantham, but he's all too eager to be rid of Thomas too.

Maybe it wouldn't be so annoying if Thomas was the same little shit he was in season 1-3, but he is not: he actually tries to be nice, especially in season 6. But even before that, it seems he really gave up scheming against his fellow men and when he does scheme, it's on lady Mary's request. And what's more, his scheme goes off so brilliantly that everybody is literally happier afterwards. Well, OK, his scheme on lady Mary's request did go well but also got him called a "stupid fool" by lord Sinderby. And that got Thomas furious (because there's nothing worse for an NT than to be called stupid and incompetent and this insult was both to his intellect and competence). So he went for the heavy guns. Later lady Mary admits to her father that she was the one who ordered Barrow to scheme and also says that "it looks like he overdid it". But the funny thing is, he didn't. This was probably the best scheme in Thomas's entire career.

So, instead of finally getting a break, he's ostracised by the rest of the servants at the Abbey (only Miss Baxter is somewhat sympathetic), he's still being told by Carson to find a job and leave in every other sentence and he's so lonely and feels so unnecessary and unwanted that he tries to commit a suicide. No one really cares (though Miss Baxter and the new footman do rescue him) and it looks like lady Mary's dithering over her suitor(s) in that episode is much more important to the writer than a character actually trying to kill himself.

At least the family don't cart him off to a hospital 'cos then he would end up imprisoned in a mental institution.

So then Thomas gets a few weeks to recuperate (at least the upstairs kids like him), but he's still being told to get a job elsewhere. OK, so he finally finds a new job as a butler in some godforsaken old residence. There's only a cook and a maid in the house by way of the downstairs staff and the upstairs family consists of an old couple of unpleasant toffs so it's not the grand career he's always dreamt about. But it is a job. So OK.

And then finally at the end of the series comes the last special Christmas episode. And everybody - and I mean everybody, be it the Abbey's downstairs staff or the family - finds love. It's actually a bit sickening to watch. And what does Thomas get? His old job at the Abbey back. True, he will be the butler now (because Carson's got some mysterious palsy-like illness) but Carson will stay and have an eye on him the house. And I wouldn't complain too much about it, except when lord Grantham learns of Carson's disease there's a talk of searching for a new butler and Carson says that he will of course retire and will live in his cottage because he doubts the new butler will take kindly to the old butler sticking his nose in the business of running the house. And he says, he himself wouldn't let the old butler do that if he were to be the new butler at any place.

With the re-hiring of Thomas, though, Carson is free to stick his nose and dictate how things are to be run to his heart's content. So in effect Thomas, while having the title of the butler, will still be an under-butler: a pair of hands for Carson since his own are shaking too much to do any useful work.

And I would even be fine with that if Thomas was someone who didn't care for people and his sole ambition in life was to be at the helm of a big house. But the really tragic thing is that Thomas rather desperately wants someone to love and who would love him back. It's pretty clear that he'd always wanted to be a valet to a gentleman who would also be his lover.

So the position of a butler, while in itself good and the pinnacle of a career for a servant, is not what Thomas would really like deep down. It's infinitely better to what he had before but you can bloody see he will never really be happy. He will dedicate his life to his work, but the bitterness-turned-sadness-over-the-years will always be there.

And that is why I'm so bitter about the ending of the series I could double as a beer.

Next part: how to fix it. Stay tuned.
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A few days ago I finished watching Downton Abbey: re-watching first three seasons and watching seasons 4, 5 and 6 for the first time. And yes, it's still a great period drama, great story with great characters, but there are curious instances of really odd writing on Julian Fellowes's part. Which I don't entirely like.

'Cos really. Mary "sensing" the moment Matthew was injured? Or Daisy "sensing" the moment William was injured? Or Baxter galloping back to the house to check up on Thomas? I mean good thing she did, but that was a particularly WTF moment - there was literally no reason for her to do so.

So take note, fanfic writers: Downton Abbey actually is a legitimate soulmates universe.

Anyway, let's start with the things I liked in the series before the complaining begins (and won't that be fun).

The opening scenes, I just love the opening scenes: when that fateful telegram is being sent, then Bates on the train, but most of all the first scene in the house. How the scullery maid is the first to wake and then wakes the maids, and how the camera follows first her, then a maid then a footman and so on. There are few words, but we can immediately see the hierarchy among the servants and we can also see interior of the house. Brilliand scene done in one long shot I think.

Then the characters. Apart from the obvious one(s), I really liked Spratt. He's a massive snob, talks entirely without moving his upper lip and he's the Dowager Countess of Grantham's (a.k.a. grandma Grantham's) butler who first appeared in season 3 if I remember correctly. I thought it would be a one-time appearence, but later we see a bit more of him, particularly when the Dowager hires a new lady's maid, Denker. The two, that is Denker and Spratt, are the sort of a duo whose mutual dislike for each other makes for a great on-screen relationship.
Denker is quite a character in herself actually and between her and Spratt, there's never a dull moment in the Dowager's house.

Also it turns out much later on that Spratt has got another career apart from butler-ing. I'm not telling what it is in case someone who hasn't seen the series is reading this. Fat chance, I know, but it was a very amusing surprise and it'd be pity to spoil it.

Here, have the picture of Denker and Spratt instead:

Another thing/character that I liked - and I thought I actually wouldn't - was lady Rose. At the beginning she's just this horrible brat always sneaking out to meet her friend (a married man - shocking, I tell you) or to a jazz club (the dancing is outrageous) and generally being a silly bint. But then she changes, grows up, sort of and is actually a very likeable character.

Also, at the end lady Edith finally finds the right man to marry and lives happily ever after with him. Which is nice. After all her marriage prospects turn to dust (Strallan's "I can't do it" in front of the altar was particularly amusing), she marries a man who not only has loads of money and a castle, but seems to genuinely love her.

And this concludes the saccharine part of these ramblings. Next part will ooze bitterness. Because my spirit animal the special snowflake I took a liking to an NT character (must protect. it's a tribe thing) Mr Barrow suffers more than is reasonable and more than he deserves. Stay tuned.
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Guys, do you remember Downton Abbey ? I don't know what's happened exactly this past week but my fixation on the show is back. (OK, it's most likely because I re-read Thomas and the Society of Sentinels by Alex51324 and its sequel . The story is brilliant and I obviously have no chances when faced with brilliant writing in general. And perhaps this show in particular).

I used to watch the show regularly through 1st, 2nd and 3rd season but later somehow forgot or something else captured my attention and I stopped, but as we say "co się odwlecze, to nie uciecze" [*] so my obsession is back :D . I've just bought all six seasons on DVD and I plan to watch them when I've got 2 weeks off work starting the beginning of August. Six seasons in two weeks *giggles manically*. My grasp on reality will probably be non-existent by the end of it, but who cares.

Anyway, to prepare you for the things to come (though I will be mostly spamming Twitter), have some Downton Abbey/Star Wars crossover. It is legit, I swear. And you haven't seen anything until you've seen Maggie Smith with a lightsaber. Every argument after that is invalid. Also, capes are cool (at least according so some).

Part 1

Part 2


[*] - meaning something may come later but will come eventually
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Title: Dreamscaping
Author: Ad Absurdum
Fandom: Tron
Genre: slash
Pairing: Alan/Tron
Rating: R
Summary: Alan thinks he's losing his mind.
Timeline: Just before the first film (1982).
Disclaimer: Characters - not mine. No profit made.
A/N: Getting back to writing so my skills - such as they were - are a little rusty. Concrit welcomed.
On a different note: I think I managed to make programming sound so horribly kinky in this, I am a bit ashamed of myself. Only a bit, though.

Read more... )
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Na początek zapodali Monikę Kuszyńską czyli naszą zeszłoroczną eurowizyjną porażkę. Sama piosenka może i nie jest zła, ale rewelacji też nie ma. Nawet wózek nie pomógł, ale o ile dobrze pamiętam konkurencja w zeszłym roku była ostra.

Później Orzech z pięć razy powtórzył jak głosować i pojechali z koksem.

1. Taraka - "In the Rain"
Słowiański rocko-folk, ale śpiewają po angielsku. Cóż za ironia.
Ogólnie zespół przypomina balladowe Europe z najlepszego okresu, czyli głębokich lat 80-tych, z wyjątkiem wokalisty, który jest łysy jak kolano. O przepraszam, kamera najechała go od tyłu i szok: włosy do pasa. Polak potrafi.

2. Napoli - "My Universe"
Białoruska grupa reprezentantką Polski? Coś mnie ominęło? Jak na przykład zjednoczenie narodów (to mamy następne Zjednoczone Królestwo)?
Serio? Piosenka akurat na Eurowizję, ale fuck no. Jeśli chcą startować, to proszę bardzo, ale w barwach Białorusi. My mamy swój grajdoł.

3. Natalia Szroeder - "Lustra"
Jakieś deża wi. Nie wiem czy wokalistka komuś jeszcze przypomina Edytę Górniak, ale mi bardzo.
O, jest balet/aktorstwo - szanse na ewentualnej Eurowizji dramatycznie rosną. Sam utworek przypomina jednak tak bardzo pewną piosenkę z lat 80-tych[*], że to aż nieprzyzwoite.

[*] - ale nie pamiętam tytułu

4. Dorota Osińska - "Universal"
Uuuu, polska Celine Dion. Dobrze, że nie z wyglądu (czerwień, czerwień widzę).
Piosenka? No coś było.

5. Kasia Moś - "Addiction"
Oślepiające stroboskopy, balet ze skrzypcami w tle i noga wokalistki na plus.
Piosenka na minus.

6. Ola Gintrowska - "Missing"
Wokalistka sama odstawia balet - to też się liczy. Ale żeby nie było: czterech wijących się kolesi też jest. W szarawarach i z półnagimi torsami. I Turecki zza węgła wieje wialnią. I wokalistka ma hustę/welon/piernik wie co. I zmienia się w syrenę.
Szkoda, że tak słabo śpiewa bo na Eurowizję byłoby jak znalazł.

7. Michał Szpak - "Color of Your Life"
No, w końcu mamy swoją Conchitę Wurst. No dobra, niezupełnie. Bardziej Krzysia Krawczyka. No powiedzmy pół.
Na ile sposobów można powiedzieć "to już było"?

8. Margaret - "Cool Me Down"
Gwiazda młodego pokolenia. Czy coś.
Nienajgorsze to, ale przy takiej liście płac za tekst i muzykę coś musiało wyjść.
I nie chcę tu brzmieć jak jakiś obleśny dziad, ale wokalistce widać majtki. Na Eurowizji może się przydać.

9. Edyta Górniak - "Grateful"
A na koniec nadgryziona nieco zębem czasu Edzia zrobiona na kolejną Celine Dion. Tylko kości policzkowe bardziej wystające.
Do zapomnienia, ale pewnie wygra te preselekcje.

Zdecydowanie z tego wszystkoego najlepsze były widoki budynku, w którym odbywała się impreza. Budynek był git.

Piaska, którego dali jako zapchajdziurę przed ogłoszeniem wyników nie chciało mi się oglądać, ale na wyniki jeszcze trafiłem. Zwyciężył Michał Szpak *szok i niedowierzanie* :D Serio, myślałem, że będzie to Edzia albo Margaret, ale publika widać idzie z duchem czasu i nasza prawie-Conchita pojedzie na konkurs. Szkoda, że piosenka taka beznadziejna, a kreacja taka Krawczykowska (i to bez żabotu niestety).
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Well, fuck. Alan Rickman has died. And only a couple of days ago: David Bowie.

What is this world coming to?
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Yesterday I went to see Sherlock. The Abominable Bride and my inner Holmesian purist was mostly satisfied. Which was nice. Without spoiling it for anybody who hasn't seen it yet, I can say that Molly Hooper was by far the biggest surprise. Oh the stories that are just waiting to be written... :D

Anyway, I certainly hope the fandom will start writing in this alternate 19th-century universe and that Doctor Hooper will feature prominently. And will be shipped with Anderson, hehehhhehhehe. Hell, I ship it.
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OK, to ponieważ lubię poględzić o tym, co mnie aktualnie intersuje, to zapodam temat mangi.

Jak pisałem w poprzednim poście, wróciłem do czytania mangi w większej ilości, niż jedna na dwa miesiące. Teraz zresztą kiedy Waneko dogoniło Japonię z "Kuroshitsuji", manga ukazuje się mniej więcej raz na pół roku. Ale polecam jak ktoś nie zna - japońskie wyobrażenie o wiktoriańskiej Anglii - przynajmniej w Kuroszu - jest nieustającym źródłem rozrywki.

W ogóle to ostatnio zacząłem się też trochę jarać japońszczyzną w szerszym zakresie, że tak powiem: mangi, anime, słodycze (dobre bo mniej słodkie, niż polskie. Największy wybór mają w Harro jak ktoś chce spróbować), muzyka. Obecnie z tym ostatnim jestem na etapie SID. (tak tak, przez "Monochrome no kiss"). Zanim wpadłen na to, że można ich pewnie znaleźć na jutubie, to przesłuchałem kilka płyt (naaajs, polecam). A jak już zobaczyłem bend na obrazku, to się zdziwiłem, że wokalista wygląda jak dziewczyna :D

Poza tym zacząłem się uczyć japońskiego bo stwierdziłem, że języki europejskie nie stanowią dla mnie odpowiedniego wyzwania (nie ma to jak se znaleźć czellendż). Oprócz poprzednio wspomnianych kolorów krów i zapytań w sklepie, wiem jak policzyć do stu *yeah*.

W ramach materiałów do przyszłych ćwiczeń i po rozgryzienu japońskiego amazona (mają na szczęście interfejs po angielsku), zaopatrzyłem się też w parę tomików Makai Ouji po japońsku (czellendż accepted).

A skoro doszliśmy do tego tytułu, to się zatrzymajmy *this was smooth :D*. Po polsku manga ma tytuł "Książę piekieł - devils and realist" i jest na serio świetna. Jest wiktoriańska Anglia, anioły, demony, śliczna kreska, a polskie tłumaczenie jest super hiper i wogle. Tu opis ze strony sklepu wydawnictwa Studio JG:

Williamowi Twiningowi niczego do szczęścia nie brakuje. Jest bogaty, mieszka z wujem i lokajem w wielkim domu, chodzi do prestiżowej szkoły, a los obdarzył go niebywałą inteligencją i dobrym wyglądem. Jest przy tym człowiekiem twardo stąpającym po ziemi i nie wierzy w nic, co można by zakwalifikować jako zjawisko nadprzyrodzone. Jednak wszystko, co dobre, kiedyś się kończy... Firma wuja Williama bankrutuje i rodzina Twiningów zostaje bez pieniędzy.

Pewnego razu szukając w posiadłości wartościowych rzeczy, które można by było sprzedać, natrafia na tajemniczy pokój. Chłopak przez przypadek otwiera portal i przyzywa demona imieniem Dantalion, który informuje go, że jest jedynym, który może wybrać następnego władcę demonów! Jak potoczą się losy młodego Williama?

Tłumaczenie zawiera nieśmiertelne teksty typu: "Mój ci on" (kto pamięta z jakiej to lektury?) tudzież dialogi w rodzaju:
Kevin (kamerdyner Williama): Chce mnie panicz zwolnić?!
William: Przecież to ty chcesz odejść!
Kevin: Ależ ja tu tylko dorabiam na waciki.

Nie muszę chyba dodawać, że kamerdyner rządzi i wymiata (właściwie to wszyscy trzej rządzą) :D Oprócz tego jest jeszcze fanserwis i sporo możliwiści do slashu :D. Mam nadzieję, że SJG się dogada z wydawnictwem japońskim i od nowego roku będzie znowu wydawać mangę bo w Japonii wyszedł niedawno tom 11, reszta Europy jest na ok. 6-7 tomie, a my się zatrzymaliśmy na czwartym *wzdech*.

Ciąg dalszy ględzenia o mangach w kolejnym wpisie kiedyśtam.
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So yes, I'm still alive, if anyone cares. I know you don't but allow me my little delusions.

Anyway, this year has been pretty rough. Suffice to say that last November there was a serious illness in my family, and it's been bad.

As to other things: I got a new flat and moved out of my parents' (finally). And people: even if you get along with your parents pretty well, you'll get along with them fabuously when you move out. It's a universal truth.

I got back to reading manga. Well, maybe started reading more is more accurate: I used to buy only Kuroshitsuji (what? I like Victorian England and I'm very attached to the concept of shinigami. And William/Sebastian gives me hope for a better world. Or something), but now I've been reading regularly a few others. Makai Ouji - Devils and Realist is probably my favourite the way Kuroshitsuji never quite managed to be. There's action and adventure and supernatural stuff and the Polish translation borders on brilliant.

And I've started learning Japanese. At this point I can confidently say that my cow is red (watashi-no ushi-wa akai desu), ask someone if their cow is blue (anata-no ushi-wa aoi desu ka?) and ask how much something costs is a shop (ikura desu ka?) - this last rather more useful than the rest, I feel.

I also got back to writing. I haven't written anything for over a year and felt even less inclined to post what I had written before last November. Still not sure when I muster the energy, but at least there is a start. Even if it is totally self-indulgent meant to pander to yaoi fans another bloody rare pairing, Jesus, why can't I write something popular for once? slash.

So yeah, that's it for now. Cheers and have a good night.
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Finally it's official with the dates, the hour and everything. COB will be playing on Dec. 13 at The Workshop in London. You can read about it on Facebook here and here.

I'm saving money for the trip, we'll see how it goes. Keep fingers crossed.

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Guuuuuyyys, Colour Of Bone will be playing their first gig in December. So awesome. And so bloody far, of course, and I've got no money for the trip, but I'm starting to think some plotting will not come amiss.

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Podebrane od [ profile] andrea_deer bo to jednak jest ubaw po pachy :D Trochę zmodyfikowane: piosenek jest tylko 10, a teksty sam tłumaczyłem bo na 'tekstowo' to bym se szukał do śmierci. A jak już coś było, to stwierdziłem, że beznadziejnie przetłumaczone.

Zasady oryginału:

1. Wybierz 15 piosenek nie po polsku. (Może nie być losowo.)
2. Na stronie tekstowo znajdź tłumaczenia tekstów i wklej kilka pierwszych, przetłumaczonych wersów. (Dla ułatwienia możesz dodać jaki był język oryginału.)
3. Flista niech zgaduje, co to za piosenki.
4. Wykreśl, co zgadnięte i dodaj do postu prawidłowe odpowiedzi.
5. Googlanie jest dla słabych. (A używanie zwrotne translatora dla niepoczytalnych.)

Ale uwaga, jest bonus. Ponieważ jestem obrzydliwym hipsterem (a.k.a. "na pewno nie znasz bendów, któych słucham"), ten kto odgadnie coś, dostanie fan fika. Nie jakieś tam powieści, ale coś między 200 a 500 słowami będzie.

Fandomy, do których mogę coś natworzyć są w tagach. Skłonny jestem również naklepać coś do polskiego RPF, muzycznego (nie-polskiego) RPF oraz tudzież ewentualnie Harry'ego Pottera (nie twierdzę, że będzie to dobre, ani 'in character' ale mogę spróbować).

Tzw. liryka - poniżej. Wszystkie teksty tłumaczone z angielskiego )
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So yeah, I'm several years late to the party, but look what I've found: a Snarry song :D

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You know, I really love what Colour Of Bone do with their tunes: they put all those little twists in their songs, transforming them from simple good tracks into subtly (or not so subtly) creepy ones.

I have never encountered it with any other band, to be honest, so more kudos to them.

Take Ashtrays For Earrings - it's got a very subtly creepy ending of recorded conversations played back like the tape is looping and its tail end is being pulled from one reel onto the other one twice as fast as it should.

There's also Itch with the sound of a CD (or a laser disc, to be precise) spinnig in its drive - not creepy at all, but a lovely touch nonetheless. Quite brilliant actually.

The Superstitious Twist has the completely creepy 'choir' doing backing vocals around 01:43. Brings to mind funerals and abandoned cemeteries and yes, the lyrics do contribute.

And then there is the newest single Radio that has piano tinkling in the background of the chorus. Very old-sounding, almost ghostly, and interestingly, quite like a faded black-and-white photograph. It actually creates a great effect with the foreground (music and the lyrics) because you can hear two distinct musical 'planes of existance' transposed over each other.

Also, I think I've just discovered I've got a mild case of synaesthesia. LOL.

Anyway, do give them a listen. Better yet, go and support them.
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U guiz, COB have released a new single. Check it out (and give it more than one listening to. It really grows on you).

And look at the pretty artwork.

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Philosophical question for starters: why do so many of the actors I like star so many awful films?

I mean there was Dominic Keating, but I drew a line at Ninong. I still kinda want to watch Sherlock Holmes vs. Dinosaurs, though.

Then Nick Lea and I did suffer through cardboard-rubber monsters and slightly unconvincing thrillers. His filmography isn't even that filled with horrible-ness, but most of it (the better part, really) is impossible to find.

And now we have Sam Stockman whose acting career seems to contain roles in far too many ridiculously-hard-to-get-your-hands-on TV serials on one side and shite horror films on the other.

At least my favourite actresses fare better, though with Tilda Swinton I'm still preparing myself mentally for Derek Jarman's brand of artistic/symbolistic gay erotica. God, the things we do for the people we like.

Anyway, since I did embark on this stoopid quest, have some screeencaps. And commentary. And maybe a bit of a laugh. This time: The Task - a film from 2011, which is about "A group of unlucky reality show contestants who must survive the night in a haunted jail" (and I nearly burst into laughter after reading this synopsis. I am a horrible human being).

The esteemed Mr Stockman plays the character of Scelzi, a junkie cameraman who fortunately drops dead after about 40 minutes, so you don't have to suffer through all of it. Fun fact: he's killed via a spike through the eye but you can tell without any difficulty the "killer" aims beside his head and the spray of blood looks like something from a garden hose - though thankfully not that big. A sort of a miniature garden hose - and that should tell you all you need to know about the quality of the film.

screencaps ahead )

OTP meme

Oct. 5th, 2014 08:23 pm
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Was tagged by [ profile] andrea_deer to list 5 favourite OTPs. So, in chronological order:

1. Joseph Chandler/Emerson Kent (Whitechapel)
2. Andy Rourke/Morrissey (The Smiths)
3. Fox Mulder/Alex Krycek (The X-Files)
4. Alan Bradley/Tron, Lora Baines/Yori, Alan Bradley/Lora Baines (Tron) - because I couldn't decide on just one in this fandom.
5. T'Pol/Malcolm Reed (Star Trek: Enterprise)

Honourable mentions, aka OTPs in fandoms in which I was for about a minute or those that will soon pass. In no particular order:

1. Severus Snape/Harry Potter - never been in the fandom, and it's all fault of [ profile] andrea_deer because she once posted Drarry recs and I thought LOL Drarry, why are people so eager with portmanteau names? and wasn't there also Snarry? I wonder how that one works, let's see if we can find something, oh shit that's a lot of fics and why is this fandom so big and wow, is that fanart? there's a lot of that and why not try to read all the fics on AO3? Hey, I think I like it.

That was the general thought process and now I'm still reading the fics. This phase should pass in a few weeks but for now I'm having all the fun in the world.

2. Anne Shirley/Diana Barry (Anne of Green Gables) - it gives me warm fuzzies, OK?
3. Steve Rogers/Phil Coulson (The Avengers) - because it makes sense (sort of)
4. Tony Stark/JARVIS (Iron Man) - AI kink? technology kink?
5. Alex Krycek/John Byers (The X-Files) - why does nobody write it? It's pure gold, I'm telling you.
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Was tagged by [ profile] andrea_deer

Rule 1: Always post the rules.
Rule 2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked with gifs, and write 11 new ones or don’t, whatever.
Rule 3: Tag 11 people and link them to the post.
Rule 4: Actually tell them you tagged them.

Let's ignore rules 3 and 4 completely and let the fun commence *evil grin*.

here be GIFs )

Well, that was surprisingly fun. I tag everyone who wants to do this meme and as for the questions - feel free to post your own.


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